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New to forum. Need information - Recommended Books, etc?

I am new to the forum. My 24 year old son had his first psychotic episode 1 1/2 months ago and I am struggling to find information on schizophrenia. I know about the book ‘I’m not sick…’ but need some books to educate me. He is living with us and taking Resperidone and is not psychotic now thank goodness. I found NAMI and am going to take their course. I’m so happy to have found this group.


This is a good place to start on the NAMI website if you haven’t already seen it.
How Should We Be Treating First-Episode Psychosis? | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

And this is a book I wish I had read early on…


I have the book and i listen to the audio of surviving schizophrenia and it is excellent . educate yourself as much as you can on this illness , it does help ! and showing your son that you love and care for him helps even more . Its a “one day at a time” and a long road .


I just ordered the book. Thanks so much :blush:


We have a whole section of our website on good books and resources:


I noticed that almost all of the books on the list are 20 years old. Are there any newer ones you recommend? I’m trying to find Coordinated Specialty Care near Melbourne/Titusville/Orlando Florida. Any ideas on how to locate this?

I recommend you contact your local NAMI. Perhaps this one - for help in your quest:


@Behavedo1 look in your area to see if there is a “first episode psychosis program”. These programs are multidisciplinary teams that work with people who are newly diagnosed with schizophrenia and this approach when implemented early has shown positive long-term outcomes.


Ah yes - the “early psychosis program” or “First episode psychosis programs” are good.

Here is a link with some contacts in Florida:

A list of nation wide resources for early psychosis treatement:

A treatment locator resource:

Here is a good overview of the services/programs in Florida and what they help to do:

I, too, have observed that many books have been out there for quite awhile. I figured out that our understanding of SZ and the process to treat it have not changed that much over the years. Some things stand the test of time. However, in terms of current resources, you will need other places to get information. I see some suggestions posted here…

Most of the books get continually upgraded and re-released, just look for the latest editions.

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I read every positive book I could read from people that have schizophrenia. Ellen Sykes book the center can not hold. CLOZAPINE only drug that helped my grandson. You have to fight for it but it worked for him. He holds a full-time job and is making friends


Schizophrenia for Dummies. Have given this book to friends who don’t get it. Its a great book.