No help for for my grandson


Good luck Susie, sometimes in this scz business the only comfort we get is that we tried.

I hope you receive comfort from your efforts. Best wishes, hope


I don’t think it is much that is is refusing to see us, its he doesn’t realize who we are now. With me having temporary guardianship I can now speak to his attorney and the prosecutor and speak on his behave. He has gotten so much worse while being there. I have never seen him this bad. I can only hope they find him a bes and he gets the help.
Thank you Hope and everybody else that has been there for me.


I don’t know what is going on I just know that I went to the clerks office and they have nothing and they told me I have to get an attorney to file for temporary guardianship. I’m kind of at a loss right now I’m so upset all I’m doing is crying now I don’t know what to do.


I had my hopes up and now there dashed again


Susie check your mail here for the name of the person to ask for help.


I did not get temporary guardianship. They said I had to write to a different judge that has not even seen my grandson. The judge he has been in front of four the last four months says he don’t know anything but he is going to send him out to be evaluated. I told him he has had about four of them and the judge said that the jail did that NOW he was getting it done. Which makes no sense to me. This is all ridiculous. They keep passing the buck


@Susie - I am sorry. This must be terribly frustrating. I think you are trying your best - and you’re getting him evaluated. Hang in there!


Be as patient with them as you can, we know it’s horribly frustrating. You did accomplish much already.


It has been over 4 months since he has been in jail and still nothing. I wrote the courts for temporary guardianship and now they say I have to write a different judge that we have never even in front of. So I wrote him and now we will see what happens. It seems like they just keep passing the buck. The judge we were in front of acts like he don’t know what is going on even thou we have been in front of him a dozen times.


They are sending my grandson off for another evaluation and then we should know more. I did file again for temporary custody and it was posted in the courts documents. But I still haven’t heard anything.


So glad you are hanging in there. I hope this evaluation makes something positive happen.


Me too I’m just worried about the temporary guardianship. They keep telling me I need a lawyer.


At least you keep hanging in there and trying.


Hey Hope
Should I go ahead and pay the money for guardianship now. I’m afraid they will take the money then tell me I need a lawyer again.


Are you dealing with the same clerk’s office?


Yes They do keep telling me I have to have an attorney but I told them that I didn’t. So they keep asking me for $156.00


If you want to proceed with asking for temporary guardianship, you will have to pay the filing fee. Keep in mind, it doesn’t mean they will grant you the guardianship, the judge can always rule against it. Do your grandson’s parents support you as temporary guardian?


I raised him We are very close


This is all BS. I went down to pay, now they say it is $176. and I need a lawyer. They will not let me file without an attorney. Now I don’t know what to do. I have heart problems and I am told to avoid stree. Yeah right


They are definitely giving you the run-around! Grrrr! If you can afford it, get a lawyer. He or she can cut thru the nonsense and get you the guardianship and whatever else you need.

I’ve been following your story enough to know that this has been going on too long. Call a lawyer, meet with them for a free consult. It should be done in person.

At the meeting, discuss fees. Be upfront about what you can afford. Tell them that you are elderly, have heart problems, are on a fixed income, etc. I think they will work with you regarding payment.

You need help w this. I hate to hear about how stressed out you are🌹