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Refusing Medical Care

Hello, this is my first post. My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia about five years ago. He was 35 then. He was on medication and it was decreased to the lowest dose about two years ago. Since the pandemic, he was back to normal until about four months ago. He hasn’t taken any medication since that time. He is refusing to get medical care but is delusional and is suffering from paranoia. I tried talking to health persons at my local mental health clinic and was advised to get him to a hospital. He refuses to go stating that “nothing is wrong with him”. I was also advised to get local authorities to take him if need be. After calling and explaining his condition to authorities about several of his delusional outbursts, they then proceeded to have a conversation with him. He was able to convince them that nothing was wrong and they advised him not to be disruptive but of course without medication, the paranoia and delusional episodes just kept escalating along with false accusations and intermittent memory loss. He is confused most times and suffers from brain fog. The doctor ask me to apply for medical and financial assistance. I have been trying consistently for five years and keep getting denied even with his medical evaluations and history medications he was taking. I just don’t know what else to do. I am a person who works every day but can’t help thinking about what he is doing while I am at work.
If anyone has any advice as to how I can get him the help that he needs, it will be highly appreciated.

Hi @Mag-T Welcome to the community. If your son is communicating with you, keep the lines open. Perhaps you could offer to drop off a meal to him on your day off, and sit and talk with him. You could steer the conversation towards when he was on the medication and the doctor told him that he was doing so well that he could decrease it to the lowest dose. Ask him if he felt better then? If so, would he consider taking it just for a while to see how he feels? Baby steps. Is the financial assistance in your name, or your son’s name? I hope that someone on this forum can provide some advice — perhaps you can indicate was state you are resident in… Best wishes to you and your family.

Hi Mag-T,

Whereabouts do you live?