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Not alone anymore

My partner and I have been together for 10 months now. My partner has been diagnosed for many years and I am the only person around him that knows of his condition. He is not being treated for it as he has said to me that nothing worked for him. I am very proud of him for confiding in me and trust me enough to tell me, but I have noone to talk too who understands. I also have mental health issues and sometimes when he has an episode it can be very severe on him and I cant go near him. The fights he has with his voices can be very aggressive. (Never at me)
I am his mums driver and when we are in the car on a lengthy journey I hear him muttering to the voices and I cant reach out to him to ask if he is ok because noone knows. I see him in the mirror and all I want to do is say it’s ok you are not alone no more.
Any advice from another person would be fantastic.
Thanks for reading

If you have seen it and its only been 10 months, his family certainly knows. They are either ignoring the issues or are in denial.

Thanks for your reply.

They just think he is a very moody angry man. He had to tell me because it was putting a huge strain on us (to the point of us splitting up) I was me feeling like I was going crazy. So he opened up too me. His family maybe know but noone has ever shown or even asked about it. He does hide it well from them. Before I came along he would just go out for walks but now he has someone to share his illness with. His family are not the closest family either.

Sometimes I just want to chat to someone in the same boat so I can understand more.

Hi Donna101, and welcome to the forum. This is THE best place to come and chat for support, knowledge and hope. Read here when you feel the need, it will help you to learn more how others deal with this illness. There are many on here who are caring for/about a spouse with MI. It is common for family members to ignore oddities in other family members. It is also common for the person with mental illness to not care as well for themselves as they should. When my daughter is muttering to herself, I ignore it, as she won’t talk to me about “her friends” and seldom has in almost 4 years. I might ask if she needs food or drink or something else when she gets quiet again.