Dunno what to do

Dunno where to start. My partner of 10 years suddenly started to change rapidly. Never seen hardly anything in last 10 years, i thought he may be on spectrum but never thought this

We have children together with additional needs one very medically complex. One just had a kidney transplant he had my kidney end of april so im still not fully healed…

My partner is struggling started with twitching and constantly hearing voices he says he dont know what they are saying, he twitching alot saying hes turning to the voices plus hes hallucinating he has also cut himself hes had an emergency appointment where they have giving him meds day number 3 today on them dr said probably schizophrenia but cant diagnose after 1 appointment.

Hes is still down hospital with our child who had transplant as as i cant physically care for him and i have my younger autistic child at home with me. Our children are under 7 (hospital have noticed and contacted the childrens disabled teams social worker, i already told her luckily about everything)

Ive never seen him like this and the transplant has been planned for years waiting on the time to do it and hes totally changed after it. We cant swap unless i put my youngest child in voluntary foster care.

I dunno what to do. When medicated correctly can the be around the kids?.

Its quite scary the not knowing whats gonna happen. Our family dynamics is constant stress because having disabled children as it is all in a special schools. Im already carer for kids i dunno if i can care for my partner too.

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First I just want to say that I’m incredibly sorry that you’re dealing with this it’s a lot between your children and your partner and your own health as a fellow parent I just want to reach out and give you a a hug.
I don’t have really specific advice for you about your partner, but as a parent who doesn’t have a lot of family and a partner who suffers from a different mental illness, I know it can feel very alone and overwhelming! I would say take any and all resources that are being offered that’s great that the hospital has noticed and hope that that can be really good starting point for you.
Because I think you’re right in saying that you already care for children who are disabled and not knowing if you would be able to take on your partner’s illness as well so being able to put as much of that on to another resource like a social worker would probably be a wise choice.
I hope that you can take some comfort in knowing that your child at the hospital has lots well-trained staff looking after them will you yourself for healing mama are you able to zoom with your child or the nurses?

If you have disability for the kids, or you can apply for him immediately,
and get a care taker at home to help with things.
Tell him not to turn to voices…sometimes schitzophrenia seems demonic…I dont know, but hopefully doctor can start some medication. Definitely get someone to come help at home.