Not sure what to do

Hello, I’m new here. I’ve read some of the other posts and thought I would share my story with people who have been in a similar situation - I have no idea how to move forward and would love any advice.

My wife was diagnosed with delusional disorder and PTSD about 5 years ago. DD is a subset of schizophrenia but has very limited online support as it is a much smaller population. The main difference between DD & schizophrenia (at least how I understand it) is there are typically no visual or auditory hallucinations - just an altered sense of reality. She has a 100% VA disability rating due to this (permanent & total) and I am her approved VA Caregiver through the VA Caregiver program.

My wife has a history of thinking that she is being drugged - she has been admitted to the local VA on several occasions due to these psychotic beliefs. She has never done anything dangerous or threatened to as she is very aware of her surroundings and knows that if she were to say certain things she would be involuntarily committed.

The current crisis that we are in is that we bought a new house about 3 months ago. When walking through the house (new construction) my wife became agitated and her heart started to race. There were some very strong smells from the new construction but she was confident that she was drugged and started to panic. Once we got home we took drug tests that came back negative - we took approximately 30+ drug tests over the next few weeks - all with a negative result. She does not believe that they are negative and still believes that she has been drugged. We actually bought the house (I wasn’t fully aware of how severe her situation was at the time) but she continued to claim she was being drugged after moving in. She bought several surface detection kits off of Amazon to test certain surfaces for drugs. One of the tests did appear to come back positive - but upon reading the package and calling the company who manufactured it was explained that it doesn’t mean it is positive it means that it is a “potential positive and further analysis needs to be done”. Upon learning this I contacted the local authorities and the Department of Homeland Security came out and tested the entire house with their equipment and determined that there were no harmful substances or narcotics. My wife did not believe this and ended up leaving the house. She was shortly thereafter admitted to the local psych ward where she was medicated with Abilify. The paranoia and psychosis lifted and she came home 10 days later. After being home for 2 days she stopped taking her meds and became paranoid again and went to live with her parents 8 hours away. She stayed there for 1 month and moved back into town and got her own townhouse.

We share a 6 year old son who she barely sees anymore because of this - we can’t be around her unless we are wearing new clothes that have never been in the house. She wants me to move in with her and leave all of our belongings in the house and start over fresh.

My life has been turned upside down and I don’t know what to do. Her doctor wants her to be inpatient again so they can get her medications right but she thinks he’s wrong and won’t entertain taking any medications at all. She refuses any sort of help and I have no idea what to do to get our life back.

Delusions can feel like the bane of our existence - to put it mildly. Delusions are irrational and cannot be battled with rational arguments or tests.

If her delusions go away while medicated, are the meds she takes available in long lasting injections?

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I’ve slowly learned that logic and reason do not help; it has taken many arguments and fighting for me to learn this.

Regarding the meds being available in long last injections - I really don’t know. I’m going to her psych appointment next week and hope to learn a lot in that visit - she has stayed away from doctors largely since I’ve know her. All of her health care has to be done at the VA - and next week’s appointment is her “follow up” from being released from the psych ward over 6 weeks ago - the mental health wait times at our local VA are atrocious.

More meds are becoming available in the long lasting injections. The long lasting injections have made a big difference for many families dealing with a family member who won’t stay on their meds. You might have quite the fight to get the injections started and covered by insurance.

Her delusion about your new home is 3 months old. The more time passes, the more the delusion about the home risks becoming a fixed delusion. Delusions that become “fixed” are just what they sound like, immovable obstacles in their lives.

Welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place for people dealing with delusions. Psychiatry seems to be learning that there aren’t strict absolutes in our family members and their diagnoses. The brain is more complicated than a just few categories can contain.