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One Month on Invega-Sustenna

Since he did well in the hospital, do you think it was the socialization? Is there a day program he could go to in your city?

I hope daddy doesn’t start refusing the injection I would only pray he is feeling some relief from the voices that he’ll continue. Yes he is usually social so I’m hoping at the senior community it will be a huge help, maybe a lady friend that enjoys visiting and talking maybe. He loves to help others and loves to be cooked for so hopefully that person he will find within his community. Today was a much better day. Of course I didn’t slave over the stove and made breakfast for dinner so he was a little disappointed which I’ll take over the bad day yesterday

If invega sustenna is not the right medicine for your dad, you mentioned he did well on zyprexa in the past. If that is still a good option for him they do have a long acting injection of zyprexa. It is called Zyprexa Relprevv intramuscularGENERIC NAME(S): OLANZAPINE PAMOATE and can be given every 2 to 4 weeks. Best wishes to you.

@qutepi why would you think it isn’t the right medicine? My dad was brain washed by his cousin stating the medicine is poisonous and he won’t take any of it orally and that he didn’t need it nothing was wrong with him. His Dr recommended the Invega injection and my cousin who is a Pharmacist said that it is a very good drug but he has gone 8 years without ANYTHING because of his cousin. What a great member of the family he was. I assume he did well on Zyprexa that’s what he took when my mother was alive and monitored him taking it every day, she passed away 12 years ago. There is nobody that can do that now. I’ve hired home health to care for him , because he does very well when he has his own space he doesn’t like to live with me, so I have gotten him a senior community apartment. I think he will do well with the members there.

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The dr won’t raise the dosage or give to my partner earlier yet. He said it hadn’t taken its full effect yet. I guess it’s 4 months. I’m disappointed.


We heard the same thing from our son’s Doctor. Behavior was daily as bad when he was not on meds. Then doctor went to India. We refilled his Zyprexa and it is working. Doctor still thinks he should get on Invega but it DIDNT WORK.

Zyprexa is amazing when it works.

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Do not take invega injections, it causes you to feel down, sexual dysfunction, schrinkage of penis, maybe schrinkage of intestines, bowel obstruction. Destroys nerves connections between brain and organs. etc
No one should take this poison. I took two shots 3 months ago, this drug will take your life. I am probably dying a slow death because of it.
There is no antidote to the injectables, they are a very bad idea because of the side effects.
Antipsychotics pills in very low doses for a very short time only in extreme cases.