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Our son won't speak to us


Our son won’t speak to us b c we had to call the police on him when he was out of control and violent. Would like to make peace with him.


Sometimes a consular can be good with this, a time where you can all talk about it and maybe this would help your son?


May be he’s just laying a guilt trip on you guys as punishment for narcking on him. Has he even apologized or tried to make peace with you in anyway at all. Could be he doesn’t like the effects of having female hormones forced on him( if it is ). I will always become loud when ever I don’t take my risperdone for a day or two . I think it’s the sudden rise in the level of testosterone in my system that sets me off a bit. Testosterone can cause us guys to become aggressive and angry. I like being subdued somewhat by the prolactin . It’s a more peaceful happening although it makes me feel like a woos.


Try to get him to understand that it was necessary.


Im sure he will come round iin time. My parents got me sectioned under the meantl health act too. The poilice called at my house. I was angry for a while but got over it.


This is not the first time that we had to call the police. Now he says we didn’t bail him out, we didn’t take him on any nice vacations! We didn’t buy him a scooter or a car. He is 40 and throws everything up to us that occurred when he was younger


I remember when I was first having problems my parents had to have the sheriff come out to our house and settle things down. I was about 22 though. If he’s 40 and this problem is persisting I think your son may need a wake up of some sort. It sounds to me like he’s fortunate to have his parents in his life but that in my opinion doesn’t give your son the right to trample all over you . Perhaps some boundaries need to be set. For example let him know he can live on his own and try to survive that way. Or something like that so that he can’t abuse you. This may sound tough but may be necessary in the short term so that he can get further help through therapy of meds.


I have had to do the same thing many times!
Usually, he will come around when he is ready. let him alone until he is ready to talk, then tell him why you had to do this.
My son also blames everything that happens to him on everyone and everything else. Most of his problems have been a result of his own choices.


You’d better just let him simmer, is he in a jail cell right now?

If not then it’s maybe cool to txt him and see if he listens to how you feel.

If he doesn’t, maybe just to let him go is the only way.

Who knows?


That’s a shame, but also true in my condition also.

I made the decision to live the way I did, and now I have this condition and I have to live more healthy in regards to my body.

I have to find a way to care again. It’s pretty difficult sometimes.


Initially when I had my first psychotic episode, I was at work and a friend of mine said he was going to take me home, but instead he took me to some cops. Initially I was pissed but over time I realized he did the right thing and became grateful he did it. Only time and acceptance of my illness led to me forgiving him. Hopefully the same happens with your son.


When I first got sick, I blamed my illness on my sister and my parents. Maybe your son is doing the same thing even though he is forty. It finally dawned on me that they were on my side and that they were trying to help me. When I finally understood that fact, my recovery got a little easier. Maybe you could have him read up on his own disease so he can understand himself better and understand you better too.


exactly how i experienced it

now me and my family have great relationships

not saying my family was perfect growing up and didn’t make mistakes but no one doesn’t