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How can I help my son

Good morning my son just turned 21 yrs, he was held on a 72 he hold a month ago. The held him for 5 days, he has paranoid delusions, he think we are sending him bad vibes. He has been off his meds for a week. He usually argues with everone alone in his room. One day he said “I am going to come up there and punch you in the f***ing face.”. I left and had to have officers come talk to him. Yesterday he ran up stairs and was yelling at me to stop sending him bad vibes, he was very angry and keep getting closer each time he came into the livingroom. I step out and had officers talk to him again. He has never been violent, but he is suffering , I dont know if my family is safe. I want him to be comfortable but I seem to be a big trigger, he feels he is treated like shit. When I ask what I can do to help him, he say stop sending bad vibes. Any ideas, this is all new I want to able love and support my son, but I am causing him so much pain. I dont know what I can do to reassure him, he says iam being fake when I tell him I am not sending bad vibes or thoughts. I just love him and want to help not cause more stress on him.

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I think that right now, it’s important to keep yourself safe and as healthy as possible.

It sounds like his symptoms are pretty intense right now. His delusions are making it impossible for you and he to have a good relationship at this moment. You are doing everything you can. When he feels better, he will understand this.

Make sure to keep yourself as safe as possible. You know your son would never hurt you, but sometimes extreme symptoms of psychosis lead to harm to self or loved ones. The illness can be dangerous.

Best to you

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My son was diagnosed 3 weeks before he turned 24… He’s 32 now. He gets an injection 4x a year of Invega Trinza… he seems to be doing very well on this. As for your son, I’m so sorry that he is ill. I have learned with my son that you can’t control them or try to tell them what to do… I’ve had to use reverse psychology on my son A LOT! My son has never really been violent though. He does have the typical daily struggles, not brushing his teeth, not taking showers, not changing his clothes… it’s very sad and it’s not a kind disease. Is there any way that he can live on his own? Maybe a little independence. Also, the medication may be an issue. I would ask about monthly injections or the 4x a year injections. It’s been a godsend for us. My son has his own apartment, he drives, he does not work, but he at least has the freedom to hang out with his friends, and I am not there 24/7. I put him in an apartment that is close to my other son, my sister and the places that he likes to frequent… I know you love him, and I know you want to help him, the first thing I would do is check into the injections. I did after 4 years of him being ill, and he did the monthly Invega Sustenna first and now the every 3 month Invega Trinza… it’s not for everybody, but like I said it’s worked for us. Don’t get me wrong, my son is still schizophrenic and has his moments but he is able to function.


Here are some ideas:

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Thanks for posting this.
It’s a good reference/reminder.

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