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Paid Research Through University of Pittsburgh



My name is Ciera and I am a research coordinator for a study through the University of Pittsburgh looking to understand how anhedonia develops in adolescents with a parent or sibling diagnosed with schizophrenia. Participants can earn up to $610 for participating all 3 years. If you are interested in helping us understand how youth at risk develop please contact me on here,, or 412-354-9297.

Also, if anyone needs any information on services located in Allegheny County let me know and I can provide information


Sorry I did not read all the guidelines first and didn’t realize that admin must approve first.



Can you tell us who is paying for this research. - is it a Pharma company or the NIMH?



The study is funded by NIMH. We do not use any pharmaceuticals nor clinical interventions.


Great - thats definitely something we support here. Research for the common good.


Wish I could help. No adolescents in my house anymore…
Good luck!


Thank you @Holly67 for thinking about us. Please pass the info along to friends and family