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Paranoia is so frustrating

My 25 yr old son has this paranoia that will not stop. He’s constantly asking the same questions over and over again. One topic is about a boy he lived with out of state for 6 months. I think they did a lot of marijuana and other things… He was diagnosed with Acute Cannabis Abuse when he franticly tried to get home and ended up in 2 states away from us. He was admitted to their State Hospital. His friend has moved another 2 states away from us now and my son swears he’s out to get him. He thinks this boy is going to make him go to jail… My husband and I tell him all the time he’s safe and he hasn’t done anything that will get him in trouble. How much more can we take???

Im so sorry , is he on medication ? as some meds decrease the paranoia . My 21 one year old son is with is “the same story too” , over and over again how he will sue and take his last psychiatrist to court as he believes that she injected him with some sort of drug that has caused him to get ED . Its exhausting and right now we have changed meds and waiting for them to kick in , it is so hard as he blames me and gets angry why i allowed her to inject him and calls me a bad mother . It is what it is and i keep having to remind myself its the disease and not my son talking and behaving like that . All i can do is take one day at a time , some days are ok and some days are bad . hang in there and just assure him with all the love and compassion you can as it is so real for them and they are scared .

I’ve thought of having him get the injections but he doesn’t seem like he would approve. He’s taking his meds regularly, but he still has a hard time. It seems like all we do is medicate.

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Thats exactly right , very frustrating .

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Agreed. I’ve spent a lot of time hating both the meds and the effects of this terrible illness and asking which is worse. To me, the latter. But what a high price.

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My son has no insite at all to his illness. We had to put him in the hospital for the fourth time. He received 2 injections of invaga sustaina. Keeps calling me saying that he’s goingbto be dead if I don’t stop this. I don’t know if this is a delution or someone in the hospital said this to him “I should just tell the doctor that he doesn’t need any medication and I think he should go home” I don’t know how to handle his demands.

Personally Margi, I think you need to stay the course. Your son sounds like one of the cases that needs months of hospital time to get stabilized.

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Hang in there. Let the meds take their course. They will eventually help him. The only thing you can do is depend on the doctors. It’s touch and go…

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After years of dealing with active psychosis in my oldest child, I finally was strong enough to overcome the guilt of forcing medication on her if she wanted me to support her. 5 hospitalizations, 40 police encounters (non-violent) and court ordered meds stopped the psychosis BUT she still doesn’t KNOW that she has a mental illness. Almost 70% of the mentally ill do NOT KNOW they are ill. Thus, over 70% of the mentally ill WILL NEVER choose to be medicated and achieve stabilization without being forced. That is why I am all for forced medication now when I used to be totally against it. 2.75 years of active psychosis is over, and my home is peaceful. The paranoia that ruled my daughter is gone. @Margi I understand you don’t want this job, but it has to be done and you are the one to keep him in the hospital until sanity returns.

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Margi, when my son was extremely ill and hospitalized, he told me all kinds of horrible things were happening to him. I knew none of it was true and it was illness-based.

I think it’s really important you tell the hospital staff everything your son says to you, so they can counsel him and assure him he’s safe, and so they can be more aware of his mental state. Keeping staff in the loop will help your son get the treatment he needs.


im in the same boat with his bullying demands , feels like mental abuse and at the same time my heart cries for his suffering , its unbearable , one day at a time …

Linda this is just so hard. How is your son doing on the injection. My son says he rather be dead then get the injection.