My husband’s paranoia is getting worse

My husband is a paranoid schizophrenic. In the last couple months, his paranoia has skyrocketed. To the fact that he is keeping me up all night with worry. Between the accusations that I am somehow involved in a gang that is plotting his demise, to looking out the windows every 15 minutes because he thinks cops are hiding in our yard with night vision goggles and beads drawn on him. His doctor recently put him on Abilify. But it is not helping. I can’t keep doing this. I have to work. Because he can’t. And to top it off, I am losing my house and am in the process of moving. He is zero help. Last night I was at my wits end. I told him he HAD to seek a different doctor. Because I do not believe his current doctor is nowhere near being on top of his illness. I am try to level with him, explaining logic. I can tell he doesn’t believe me. I’m afraid one night, the voices are going to convince him to kill me. I don’t really have a question. I guess I just needed to vent. I’m at my wits end. I’m having panic attacks, and am physically ill from trying to handle everything on my own. I’m exhausted. I’m frustrated. I’m scared. I need help.


Holy shnikies. So sorry for your situation. You’ve come to the right forum. Anyone who is a caregiver for an SZ diagnosed loved one has shared your experience.

Paranoia and delusions are strong symptoms and continue to manifest themselves in my son, even on the right meds. The difference is that he has grown more self-aware. For example, this happened YESTERDAY:

Son driving home from his volunteer job (because he can’t keep a paying job and we need him to be productive and not lose all grasp of society), calls me “dad, my schizophrenia is really bad. I think the cops are following me. etc etc”

I said “It’s ok son. I’ll stay on the phone with you until you get home. I’m proud of you for recognizing your symptoms and calling me. Remember, an officer may pull you over and you just do like we’ve practiced…”

And then “hey did see where the UFC fighter got kicked out of the upcoming fights?” (Or anything to DISTRACT him until he got home).

He arrived safely but continued in this episode of police arrest for hours. Heard sirens. And kept asking me what he would do if they storm the house. Breaks my heart - but it’s our life.

Please be safe first. You’re concerns are valid. Until we found the right meds (CLOAZAPINE!!!), he was a danger to me and himself.

There is no quick fix. This path will suck. It is daily. But if you are committed to staying with your husband then you can help him and yourself to live your best life.

  • get the right doc/find the right meds
  • file for disability
  • read all the resources referenced on this forum
  • join NAMI
  • don’t give up. You’re not alone.

I don’t know how long he has been on the medication, but it can take a month or more for some of these antipsychotics. Have you sent a note to his doctor telling him about what you have observed?
It may be that the doc is unaware. Even if he/she can’t talk to you, you can talk to them.