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Please explain why?


Why is it so hard for someone with sz to do very simple tasks? is it normal to procrastinate with everything? over time will these symptoms improve?


I have strong negative symptoms. This is a feature of my illness. I procrastinate all the time. I find it hard to even brush my teeth and cut my nails. I often stare into space and when asked something, I give short, disinterested answers.
This is a class of symptoms which does not improve with medication and remains relatively stable, unfortunately. I’ve tried physical exercise, meditation and of course lots of different medicines. Nothing really helped me.


Few people have the same type of schizophrenia that I do. So it is advised to aggressively try and improve outcomes by:

  • trying different meds
  • trying CBT / talk therapy


The negative symptoms of the illness are like that, avolition is terrible. I think we can become better if we want to work on it, but sometimes that doesn’t seem possible.

Not to be mistaken with laziness, it’s not that we’re lazy, we just have a harder time doing things.

I procrastinate a lot, my mom called me lazy until she understood it’s from the illness. Funny thing is, since she understood it’s from the illness I’m actually better at doing things and not procrastinating so much, but also I’m trying harder.


I wish I knew. It’s normal for sz’s to procrastinate a lot. I’m hoping my negative symptoms go away.


I feel so sorry for him and helpless. I hate feeling helpless. I always offer to get him help besides meds like cbt and NAMI meetings or group meetings but no interest. I don’t think he realizes how sick he is sometimes.


Google ‘negative symptoms’.

It’s not procrastination. It’s trying to get moving while dragging a heavy weight behind you. Doesn’t matter how motivated you are – still takes a while to get up to speed.

With medication and therapy, yes, somewhat. In my own case it took many years, and the meds themselves make you tired and listless.



Anosognosia is a psych term that many with sz have. It means exactly what you spoke of, an unawareness of how ill one truly is. It varies from person to person, but it is a lack of insight into ones own wellbeing.


I noticed my son paces a lot. My dad used to do the same thing but I never realized back then that it was a symptom until now. My son started pacing a lot even before the meds. What’s confusing is he paces non stop but has no motivation to do much of anything. I’m sure some can relate and understand. He can’t even sit still to watch a movie and is very particular as to what movies he likes to watch. Certain movies he used to like, he no longer likes anymore because of his way of thinking…


I also pace a lot especially while smoking. I find it hard to focus on watching movies. So yes I can relate but I still hope your son doesn’t have my type of schizophrenia. It would be hard to deal with.


Cognitive remediation is sometimes used to get certain cognitive functioning back. Don’t know if it would help in your case but may be worth researching.


Sorry I mentioned that before I noticed your comment that he doesn’t agree to therapy. Can you find out what he would like for his life? Drivers license, moving out, getting a job, finding a friend? Start with his goal and begin helping him set up a path towards that.


as of dec he has paranoid schizophrenia/depression/suicidal but with all I have been reading I sometimes wonder if he has another form. he also smokes a lot. he wants to quite even tried the patch but smoking is like a crutch for him. I would never, ever have bought him a pack a cigs until Dec when I realized how sick and depressed he was I gave in. Some days he smokes a lot more than others and he still tries the patch from time to time. I am going to read more about ur type of sz.


I don’t get depressed and suicidal though. More exactly I CAN’T get depressed. It’s related to a feature of my illness called “flat affect”. If you want to google my type of schizophrenia, look for “deficit schizophrenia” although you won’t find many articles. Anyway keep in mind that depression is treatable, while negative symptoms aren’t. Good luck !


He changes his mind about 20 times a day as to what he wants. He was in college when things got really bad. He started isolating himself and coming home every weekend from college. many other symptoms too. He has tried working a few jobs but couldn’t even last a full day. Doctor told him it will take time and not to rush it but I don’t think he realizes how sick he is. Its hard for him to accept it. I always try to say the right things and lead him in the right direction but only time will tell. He knows I am starting NAMI meetings in March and I am really hoping by that time he will want to come with me.


yes I will check that out. I’ve read all about negative and positive, cognitive symptoms and my head spins because in my opinion he has so many symptoms at different times.


I’m really tired right now and I can’t give as good of an answer as I would like to. But when I was living by myself for 6 years and I would be laying in bed, and a lot of times it seemed to me that if I got up to do the dishes, or even something as simple as getting a drink of water, it seemed that my life would change. And I didn’t like changes. This may be unique to me.


In my case, it’s more like my brain puts something like doing dishes or taking a shower way down on the priority list. The little things in life like that pale in comparison to wrestling with demons inside of your own head. If suicidal feelings manifest, even more so. Neurotypical people seem like empty cattle to me then. Their minds apparently so empty all the time that they have to have rituals to fill the space of day. They have all the time and energy in the world to worry about dumb little things that don’t matter, like what to make for dinner or wearing clean socks. Meanwhile I’m pacing in circles, chain smoking and talking to myself, trying not to let the demons take over my mind, fighting a war to stay in control, to stay just sane enough not to be dangerous, to myself or anyone else. I’ve been up all night four nights in a row, wrestling this beast, and then my mother reminds me that I need to do my laundry. And in that moment SHE is the one who seems crazy to ME. I’m fighting a war with demons inside my head, demons that pressure me to do bad things and keep me up all night and make me crazy, but HOLY #### THE LAUNDRY.

That’s basically what it’s like in my head sometimes. Not exactly the same as being lazy, or even apparent negative symptoms. It’s just like that.


Same here!! I am happy this isn’t just me and your explanation is great. The dishes I hate the dishes. They are moot. Moot. My projects can’t wait. The internet can’t wait. The dishes…they can wait.

Trying to fix this is a slow process. Still don’t know how to fix it. Am going to take sarcosine, maybe that’ll help with these particular negative symptoms. 60 mg in the mail right now…maybe now the dishes won’t pile up, as this is apparently very critical to the well being of the normals.