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I'm here for you


Whether you have been diagnosed with Sz or are a loved one to someone who has been, I’m here if you need someone to talk to. I don’t have any answers as I’ve only been a part of this for 8 months, but I have a caring heart and a willingness to listen. I know Sz causes such feelings of isolation on both sides. So I’m here for you.


It really causes isolation, but the worst part is lack of motivation which is a part of depression, too. The bad thing is that some people with sz can’t take anti-depressants 'cos they act competitively with anti-psychotics, so we are trapped. Anyway, I 'm starting to have voices again, and I beg it is from OCD, because they are not exactly voices, it’s like myself telling me do this, do that, or else something else might happen, things with no sense at all…


I can certainly empathize with the depression and lack of motivation. I’ve had that too since my ex-fiance became ill. It’s so difficult to do anything.
Sad that the two types of meds clash. Have you tried other things that are supposed to help with depression, like certain herbal teas and foods? Even if you don’t notice an improvement, at least they are healthy:)
I know someone with OCD and it interferes with his life a lot. He gets the same compulsion that he has to do certain things. He said that it’s really hard to fight. Even though you get feelings that something bad might happen, it really won’t. He gets me to remind him of that when it gets bad for him.


You are really helpful to everyone, you have a good heart. Yeah, the worst thing is negative symptoms, most of us with the illness have to face that because the meds are supposed to vanish or reduce the positive ones. I had asked a doctor about food or supplements that might help, but she had said back then that nothing of these can help. :disappointed: Anyway, life goes on, science moves on, and I hope there will be better medicines in the future. Therapy also might help, I have one, but I am in the middle yet.
OCD is hard too, I think all psyciatric problems are difficult to handle with when they are at a high degree, even fear and anxiety are. They can really prevent you from living a normal life and many people just suffer and they don’t admit it.
Anyway, about food again, everytime they present new supplements that are supposed to be good for our physical health, weight loss, or even mental health, but they turn out to be fake in the end. The last thing I 've heard about is probiotics, haven’t heard anything bad yet, it’s said to be good for the overall health but who knows? It might be good, it might not be. Thanks for reading. :wink:


Thank you for your kind words:)
Yes, they do change their opinions on foods and supplements often:) But eating good healthy foods can certainly only help a person’s body.
Yes you are certainly right about all psychological problems being hard for people. I think the worst thing about any illness is that the person suffering feels so alone.
My friend also says his OCD gets worse when he is feeling stressed.
I have to yell at myself in my head and say it’s for my own good to get myself motivated. Lol :smile: I also found nice motivational quotes, framed them, and hung them where I see them every day. Pinterest has lots of free pretty ones that can be printed.
I recently read a study that said being outdoors, especially near water, helps with depression and stress. I guess that’s why I get the urge to run to the beach when I’m sad. Sitting on the beach, listening to and watching the waves is soothing.
I hope you have a good therapist. I’m always disappointed by them. Maybe my expectations are too high but I haven’t found one who shows enough empathy to make me feel comfortable with them.
Anytime you want to talk, I’m here:)


You 're welcome. Yes, noone questioned the effectiveness on good health on body by eating healthy foods! It’s not the same on mind, though. At least that’s what my doctor said.
I can understand very much the feelling of loneliness. I have suffered so much by this, that I have done very bad mistakes in my life to avoid it. Now that I have a few friends, I feel it has faded away a bit. But I 'm still single and that has made me hurt many times and also not getting the respect from others that judged me for not wanting to be single. (!!!) At a time, where I had noone to go to, no shoulder to cry on, no love, no friends, etc… Anywayz, I like quotes that have something to say but if they are out my way of thinking I can’t apply to them. :slight_smile:
About the beach and being outdoors, I only enjoy getting out with specific friends, that treat me well, no beach, not even the best place in the planet would make me feel well with a bad company or if I was alone, I think that’s validate for healthy people, too.
Up until now I like my therapist, he’s my doctor too, although at start he made me a little sad, but a friend of mine said that’s the process of therapy. Anyway, gotta go now, see you later. :smiley:


I wonder why your doctor believes that good nutrition can’t help the mind. All the cells in our bodies need specific nutrients in order to function properly and the brain is made up of cells like the rest of our body. I have a B12 and Iron deficiency. I’m not crazy about meat and animal products, except fish. I also avoid chemical-ladened processed foods. I’m supposed to get monthly injections to help it but I can’t afford it sometimes. Nutritional deficiencies cause a huge list of symptoms, including some that affect the mind.
Yes, I agree that it hurts to be single. Who doesn’t want that special someone who will love them, flaws and all, and that they can trust to always be beside them through good and bad times. I’m glad you have friends. My friends help me too but they just can’t replace my ex-fiance.
Don’t worry too much about mistakes. Everyone on earth makes mistakes.
That’s good that you like your therapist. Yeah they can get you to talk about things that make you sad or want to avoid. But it’s good if it helps in the long run:)
See you later:)


This doctor that said about healthy food not being able to help the mind, was my previous one, and she also said me that therapy doesn’t help. I agree with you though, and I believe my current doctor/therapist will agree too, at least at some point! You don’t eat fish, that’s what you mean? You do well that you avoid this kind of foods that you avoid. :wink:
There are many people (my therapist agrees on that), that like to be single but I guess when they reach maybe 50 or 60 they say “Oh, what have I done, where can I find someone to love me now”, but that’s too selfish for me. Of course my friends help me, but it’s not the same as having a bf, I agree with you.
The bad thing about mistakes, is that they harmed my psychology, they left me with traumas…


Hi:) I could easily find someone else but I only want my ex-fiance. I guess I’ll be alone if he doesn’t come back. It just doesn’t seem fair to be with someone else if I cannot love them, because my ex-fiance has my entire heart and soul. Too sad to think of the future because all our dreams are shattered.

I hope that someone special comes into your life. You are so nice. You deserve someone who will love you and treat you well. After we talked yesterday, I remembered you were the one who got hurt by the two guys with Sz.

I was meaning that the only meat I can eat is fish:)

I’m really sorry that the mistakes hurt you so much:( Everyone makes them. It’s just part of being human. You need to tell yourself that and learn to forgive yourself. Then learn from it and don’t make them again. I don’t know the nature of the mistakes but if someone else was involved, apologize to make you both feel better. If it was just you in the mistake, forgive yourself. A lot of us are so harsh on ourselves. I hope you will be able to make peace with yourself. I’m cheering for you :smiley:


That’s nice to know. Thank you.


You’re welcome:) That really was a lovely poem you wrote yesterday:) I had to save it:)


Thank you for the compliment kasia, I actually wrote that in a different way in a creative writing class in High School, but I only remembered that part because it was the last few lines and my favorite part too.


You are lucky to write so well:) I can’t write poetry at all:)


Kasia I think the thread is getting too personal, I can answer you in a pm if you 'd like to, because I don’t want to place many personal data here. I 'm sorry, but I 'm afraid. I already have said much that I shouldn 't. I am not afraid of you, but of anyone non-szic who would like to torture others, I have been in this place in the past and don’t want to be again.


I completely understand. I was thinking about asking you the same thing. So yes, pm is fine with me:)


Ok, :smile: I 'll pm you in a little while, 'cos now I 'm searching for something, glad you agree. :smiley:


That’s nice of you to offer the support. I am sure there are plenty of people who need someone to talk to.


Thank you:) I agree with you and I like helping others.