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Please help! Need prescriber North of Boston

Thank you for reading this. My son is 36 and had one psychiatrist for the last 16 years. His doctor retired during the pandemic, and the clinic in which he practiced has released my son as a patient. He only has three months of prescription refills. They haven’t offered any help to find another clinic or doctor. His counselor was who informed me of this, and when I called his supervisor she explained my son’s condition was too complex for them to continue to treat. He has been stable for all these years and I can’t understand what on earth is going on. Regardless, I must find another prescriber, be it a doctor or NP. Please, please if anyone knows of a kind and caring individual please let me know. And my son doesn’t have a PCP, I could never convince him to go to one. He doesn’t leave the house, he’d go to his psychiatrist every 3 months but that was it. Please don’t judge me that I should have forced him, if you could have seen how he was 16 years ago you’d understand. Thank you

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I can’t help because I don’t live north of Boston. What kind of insurance does he have? You might have to get a list of psychiatrists from the insurer and go through them one-by-one, checking them out online to get a rough idea of whom you want to contact.

Could you call McLean Hospital or one of the universities in the area and ask for a good name? That’s what I did when my son’s NP stopped seeing him. We found a great practice in Manhattan who got my son on Clozapine. We haven’t ever been in person, but still it’s working.
Best wishes for you and your son.

Thanks very much! My son was a patient at McLean years ago. Perhaps they will help out. I deeply appreciate your suggestion.

Dr. Roderick Anscombe In Gloucester MA helped my daughter when she was willing!

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Thank you SO much, I’ll find out if he’s accepting new patients. Thank you!!