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I am schizophrenic but my new(ish) partner of 6mo is too. I couldn’t be absolutely sure but I am sure now. I have wonderful insight and he has none. He has been to a couple of hospitals before and that doesn’t seem to have helped. I want to give you guys privacy so I will only read my threads. I have an account on the other side and I only made this to ask about caring for my partner.

I take my medication every day and he doesn’t take any. I realize that this might be a very bad thing but I am working with a case manager to keep myself stable. We moved in together on the date/day because he was homeless and I couldn’t pay rent on my own. I realize this could be using but even so we or at least I have no choice.

He has been pulling his weight so far and I am happy more often than not. He seems to be happy but I am aware that I am not a mind reader.

Here is the problem:

He just quit his job because they were mean. I would have quit too if they were treating me the way he says they treated him. He just didn’t tell me. We have already paid rent but money is always a factor every day.

My commute is about an hour but I like my job and it is a good environment. I am looking for a better-paying one and I have professional interview help I am getting (long story).

I realize that is a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter for the overall question.

*What have you seen your partners do that helps them self-care? I am very look conscious so I do face masks and all that regularly. I just treated us to a big meal. (dishwasher is broken and can’t be fixed. The dishes are disgusting because we were promised that it would be very soon and we believed them so that is SUPER SUPER stressful). I have hobbies but I am super competitive and driven so I work on being the best of the best so that I can sell my work so I don’t know if that helps.

Please don’t say meditation. I have tried that a lot but it doesn’t seem to work for me. If you REALLY, REALLY, need to mention it please add something else. We do try to eat healthy but the lack of a dishwasher and lack of awareness that it would be a month before it is fixed has really messed everything up.

Note: Skin care is affordable if you know where to look and only use lotion and no makeup.

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My son finds that massages relax him a good deal, especially foot massages.


My brother is devoted to his cat, and his attention to its care seems to focus him on his own self-care so he’s able in turn to care for it. So I think nurturing activities like tending gardens or house plants or aquariums or loved ones have similar effects.

Personally I’m finding opting for local shopping and restaurants rather than ordering online and having things delivered provides opportunities for social interactions to further self-care that were limited by COVID lockdowns.


Do yourself a huge favor that may not have occurred to you. Alleviate the stress of the dirty dishes by hand-washing them. And don’t stress about the dishwasher not getting fixed when promised. The more you can rely on yourself and not others, the less stress you will experience when others let you down.

I’m going out on a limb here, but do you know you have been given a helper who is available 24/7 when you accepted Jesus Christ as God in the flesh? When Jesus left, he gave all who believed in him access to the Holy Spirit for comfort, wisdom, guidance, perspective, healing, counseling and a host of other necessities. Not meaning to offend you, so if my post does, please just ignore it.