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What is your relationship to the person you care for?



Mom. I care for my son.


Younger sister who cares for her hero of an older brother.


As you know Barbie :blush: I am his SO. For many years.


I am his mother who he calls "Mom: I am his friend who he calls Linda.


For awhile my son went back and forth between calling me mom & Barb and even Barbara when I didn’t answer right away. Now it’s usually mom unless I’m not paying attention then it’s my name.


younger sister too


Mom and I care for my 20 year old son full time


Parents is my closest person
50% filial and 50% love to them


Mom. Son is 15…diagnosed 3 years ago.


Mom to my 30 y/o son.


My son who is 34


My mother, love her more than I can ever convey. Words don’t exist that adequately describe how much I adore her


I care for my son


I an not a relative or real friend but an old acquaintance who ended up living in the house of this guy, whom is now, I am convinced , a simple schizophrenic. I am reaching out here because he has no insight into his condition and treats me mostly as if I don’t exist. But because I needed this shelter and have invested heavily in it (there was never another home for me all my life) I feel responsible for the place and his well being. He doesn’t care for the place properly and takes shoddy care of himself and I feel the need to help to protect my investment and do the right thing by him. But it’s a ghastly isolated situation for me and over the years I have reached out in numerous ways, with no success. No counselor grasps what’s really going on and how I am being harmed by this too. I don’t think Adult Protective Service would be interested in this although I was referred there by the social work licensing board in this state. I need help as a caretaker and respite for me and supervision/household help when I can’t be here. I am also practically broke and have applied for subsidized housing for myself alone. Any respectful advice is welcome. Neither of us has any family to speak of and his closest relatives don’t care about my predicament. I wrote to them recently and they didn’t respond to me or him. I feel they should be interested and give him the choice to (re)join them, but they apparently don’t want the responsibility either… Neighbors don’t care and so I have pretty much run out of ideas. As most of us know low income “therapy” is usually worse than useless. We are both seniors and my energy and physical ability won’t last forever. He seems to be deteriorating greatly as he ages (I’ve been here 10 years now), and for me to be saddled with 100% of his care and this place and my life too…feels unreal and grossly unfair and requires a real solution. I am afraid if I just move out he will become completely dilapidated and the house and all my investment here too. He wants me to have the place when he dies but I can’t imagine this unending utter slavery in order to qualify…Social clubs for mental disability require a medical diagnosis and he is uncooperative that way. What can I do to get some real help taking care of him???


Hi Averay,

I am wondering whether you might start a new topic in the Family section “What can I do to get some real help?”…using your exact post.

You have a real dilemma


Me. And I like me very much sometimes. And I’m thinking of giving me a raise.


I often take care of my mom because she’s going through a hell of a time. I love her so much. I feel guilty because I forgot about that love in my non medicated years of psychosis.


just did that ;=)
thank you…good idea.
best to you always,


I care for my adult son. he is 32.