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Potential cut in social security benefits in 2016

Yes, I heard about that on the news. This coming just in time for my son’s SSD hearing before a judge scheduled for August :cry: . Son has been denied twice and we have been trying for over three years. This time we have a lawyer, so we’ll see. I hope Congress can figure something out.

Hmmm… If my ability to cope and manage with this illness I should be back to work by then.

This is terrible news though. It kind of seems like they waited until the last minute. Well the last year that they could before getting this sorted out.

The Medicare premiums will also rise while disability patent decrease by 20%. There goes the ability to live on our own for most of us.

I doubt people with sz are gonna be affected

So we’re not part of the 11 million disabled people crsaen?

It be sad if it was a completel cut in funds but if it’s minor cuts, I wouldn’t worry ab9ut it

It’s not minor cuts, it’s 500 out of my monthly budget for a family of three. And if half of my income goes away in april 2016, it will be even more significant. This is a MAJOR cut of 1/5 of many people’s income. Can you live without 1/5 of your income? If your boss said we’re going to give you a 19% pay cut, would you be as complacent as you are? Say you made $10 an hour. Would you be just as happy with $8.10?

Yes I can. But do I want to, no

Why don’t the cuts come those who are on welfare which is a handout- they paid nothing to get something, and stop trying to cut funds from those who paid into it-which makes it an “entitlement” as in we are entitled to receive it because we earned it.

It would also help if the government kept it’s sticky fingers out of it because it was never intended for anything other than paying those who put into it.
One can’t borrow money and never pay it back then wonder why the funds are drying up.

This country needs to have a woman run the finances- preferably one from a “poor family” that knows how to budget and do well with what little they have.

I will be happy to take a SSDI pay cut only when every stinking member of congress (current and past-who get the same pay for life-even though they are “retired” and do absolutely NO work for this pay) and each and everyone in the government-including Mr Omamadon’t care president has taken the exact same equivalent cut in their paycheck first.

For an income of $800 a month, this cut would mean a cut of $152.