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Precious moment

Our one year old granddaughter is staying with us to recover from the flu. She lives 6 hours away from us and this is her first visit without her parents. Our youngest son who is 25 and has schizoaffective disorder also lives with us. When I called him to let him know his niece would be at our house for a week, he said I’m not helping with her. I casually replied no problem. On her second day at our home I bathed her. My son said “I put a towel in the drier for her so she doesn’t catch cold. I’ll bring it to you when her bath is done.” It was a tiny act of empathy but reminded me that the son I know and love is still in there somewhere. Despite the delusions and paranoia he is a sweet person. It was nice to be reminded of his strengths after a year off medication and relapse into psychosis.

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My son has been off his Meds for a year


Hello @Elsa, is he back on meds? I was just wondering how he was doing on or off meds.

What a touching story, it almost made me cry. Sometimes when I see my “old” son come thru, it gives me the strength to go on, hoping one day that is how he will forever be again, a sweet, kind young man.

Take care …


He’s off Meds and has been for over a year that is why the moment felt so special.

When he was on Meds his symptoms were 99% gone. Off Meds he’s not been as bad as he was his first psychosis episode. He was on abilify maintaina shot for a year which was miraculous after a few months on it. He took it court ordered for a year when the order ran out he quit and has not been danger to himself or others so unable to get another order. He was stable off meds for about seven months no relapse then paranoia and delusions returned. His symptoms are off and on, worse with stress or fatigue. Not nearly as bad as I feared off Meds.

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That is such a nice gesture. Is he able to work while off meds?


No he’s unable to work. Work demands increase his stress and worsen psychosis. He does spend a lot of time cleaning the house which seems to calm him. But he leaves cleaning supplies out. Picking up after himself is not a strength. But anything he does is on his terms when he feels like it. I still wish he was on Meds as he was back to pre-psychosis baseline when he was on abilify shots.

Well that is very helpful. I could use that around here!


What a nice moment! Very thoughtful.

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