PSYBlog - Memory Loss From Alzheimer’s Reversed For First Time With New Approach

Memory loss in patients with Alzheimer’s disease may be reversed — and the improvement sustained — using a novel treatment approach, a small exploratory study has found.

The study, which included 10 patients, used a combination of therapies which were personalised to help them reverse memory loss (Bredesen, 2014).

Some patients were getting disoriented while driving, others mixing up names and some had been forced to quit their jobs.

Within three to six months of the treatment all but one of the patients was seeing either objective or subjective improvements in their memory.

That is pretty awesome! The cognitive deficits from sz concern me a great deal with my daughter. Memory, attention, executive function, working memory-the progress seems to have plateaued. Although she is on clozaril, one of the medications with the greatest efficacy for treating cognitive deceits as well as medication resistant positive symptoms. There is really no interventions offered for sz (for us at least) for cognitive deficits and addressing neuroplasticity. I watched my husband’s recovery from a TBI, tons of cognitive therapies, but although my daughters shares the same type of deficits no one seems interested in treating those symptoms in sz for some reason, which is a horrible shame-I bet it would make a huge difference especially with vocational outcomes. Same parts of the brain effected with the same presentation but no one seems to care, they only seem interested in positive and negative symptoms.

It was a shame in the article they did not specify which type of brain stimulation was used - there are several which look promising and might be applicable for sz, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), and deep brain stimulation (DBS)-if anyone wants to look them up. Just saying-THESE ARE NOT LIKE SHOCK TREATMENT! They are not invasive and prose little in the way of side effects so far. There are also a variety of drug trials going on right now to deal with neurotransmitter dysfunction that is related to cognitive problems in neurodevelopmental disorders like alzheimers, ADHD and sz, but it will probably be another decade before they are approved and ready. Positive things on the horizon!

that would scare me, knowing a month ago i was losing my memory and all it is is a med holding me up