Psychology Today - 5 Questions That Can Change Your Life

by Warren Berger

What can a question do? If it’s the right question, it can change your life. In my research on the power of inquiry for my book A More Beautiful Question, I learned that asking challenging questions—of others, and particularly, of yourself—can do everything from helping you overcome fears to enabling you to make better decisions and life choices.

Why are questions so powerful?

What would I attempt to do if I knew I could not fail?

That’s such a thought provoking question. I’ve never even considered something like that. It’s pretty wild really.

I agree. Self-doubt, I think, is probably one of our biggest obstacles.

Yep. It’s pretty amazing to me when I think about it. What would I attempt and why the hell aren’t I doing it now? I think that question puts a lot of things in perspective. Thanks for the link.