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Psychotic episode and dilated eyes

This is my second psychotic episode. Both times I had dilated eyes that were scary looking. My episodes occur during when I am taking classes at university. I still have a month of classes left this semester. Last time, I had to continue going to class and all of the students were afraid of me because of my dilated eyes, blank expression, and disorganized behavior during psychotic episode. I am on a week break but next Monday my classes start. what do I do? I don’t want to scare everyone again like last time. I prefer staying in during a psychotic episode

At the time of my daughter’s psychotic episode, she seemed emotionless… when she started on haldol, she said that she could “feel” again…

I am sorry that your daughter went through that! I feel a loss of reality and don’t feel like myself. Hopefully the psychiatrist can me next week. Saroquel used to help me. Is the medicatio she took strong?

She has a low dosage and she responded well to it. I think she may need an adjustment to her meds soon… she had been going through a rough couple of weeks… and isn’t doing quite as well as when she first got out of the hospital.

I am sorry to hear this and I hope she feels better soon!

Non prescription glasses can be good way to deal with your appearance when exhibiting the “flat affect” in my opinion. Even a pair with just a slight hint of tint. Also during your periods of disorganized behavior, is there anything that keeps your focus? A book, some activity on your phone? Wearing earbuds gives off the signal that you are occupied and don’t want to be bothered. Folks will glance your way and then dismiss you as being occupied. They won’t stay focused on you for long.

Sorry you’re dealing with episodes while trying to stay on track with your classes.
If you haven’t already, you might want to try scheduling a walk in appointment, or have your current appointment moved up with your psychiatrist. Emphasize the fact that you’re trying to stay in school and having episodes makes you disorganized and makes interacting with classmates difficult. With any luck, they might make some room for an appointment based on understanding the difficulty of your circumstances.
After all, the goal is for you to be able to keep living your life and achieving your goals, not simply waiting for things to get easier.

I do wear glasses already but they will notice my dilated eyes. It looks as though I am stoned almost :frowning: It’s hard to focus during this state. I think I will wear earbuds until this episode passes! I can’t really miss school
Thank you for your advice!

I have an appointment scheduled with a psychology but it’s at my university not at the hospital. I don’t know if he will understand what a psychotic episode is. I wish I could get a sooner appointment but that is only if someone cancels. It’s unfortunately very hard to get an appointment at this hospital they are very booked. Thank you for your advice!

I am impressed that you realize that is going on with you. the anosognosia is a symptom of the illness.
and my son still until now not compliant on medicine. he is in a Facility and he is on Invega-shot and Thorazine and his doctor will start him on Clozapine soon.
I remembered his look with dilated eyes and blank expression/flat emotion. I got scared and that made took an action and Involuntarily admit him to Hospital. He has been in and out of hospitals many times and finally I get him Conserved in State of California. he is getting better but still not willing to take medicine. I am hoping that Clozapine will stabilize him

Well, do what you can and work any angle that will get you treatment sooner.
Ideally, you’d have a psychiatrist as your primary care physician and you’d be able to schedule short notice appointments when you experience episodes.
I realize having that kind of support might be a challenge, but it’s something to work towards. You deserve to have adequate care and treatment. You don’t deserve to struggle through class due to a disability.

Nobody would deny a paralyzed person assistance and medical care when they really need it, the same should be true for you. The difficulty is that people can’t see your disability and it’s all too easy for your struggles to be brushed off.

For now, do what you can to stay on the path with school and get the treatment you can.
But try to set a goal for getting better treatment from more attentive medical / psychological staff. It’s probably something that will be easier to get when you aren’t experiencing episodes, so it might be a good idea to put it on the to-do list and tackle it when life gives you a break.

I have done a lot of reading online about it, but I realize sadly I can’t treat this on my own.

I am very sorry your son is going through this! It is scary to go the hospital because they give the patient medicine but they also should be careful. Medication has side effects unfortunately. I hope that your son gets better soon! This is a scary thing to go through truly

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Thank you wreklus!

I am hoping that I have an understanding psychiatrist. I will try to hang in there until my appointment.

That’s good advice I will need to schedule a couple appointments in advance so that a psychologist and psychiatrist can work to help me with my problems.

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@Onetreehill I would think you could go the the ER and tell them you are having episodes and you need to be looked at and given meds. I would say this qualifies as an emergency.

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I am just worried about the cost but I will if it worsens
Thanks DianeR

Some hospitals have a financial advocate office where you can apply for fee scaling… where you only need to pay a percentage of the fee depending on your income

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I hope you are doing better.
Have not heard from you for a while…