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My second episode

I have had a psychosis or psychotic breakdown in the past. I was only able to feel better after taking quietapine medication. My state lasted for a few months. I am experiencing another episode and i will see a psychiatrist soon but I am scared because the symptoms are scary. I have never been diagnosed with schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. I do not feel like myself at all and i hear voices which aren’t my voices but I can control this. My parents have been through so much as my brother passed away from cancer. I do not want to cause them anymore stress. My psychotic episode may be caused by stress or from the antipsychotic queratipine medication. I am scared because I have noticed my pupils ate dilated wide eyes at again. I really need help any recommendations I would really appreciate

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Is there any way you could get to a hospital on your own before your psychiatrist visit? Or do you have any other close family members or friends who you can talk with? If there is anyone you can trust, please call or message them and let them know you are having a difficult time. Even if you don’t want to burden them, people who care about you want to help. There is no need for you to suffer like this. Even your parents, who you say have been through so much lately, will want to help you. We all want our loved ones to be free from suffering. I will be thinking good thoughts for you. Let us know how you are doing.

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I think you should be seen very soon while you are still able to make decisions for yourself. If the psychosis continues, you may lose touch with reality and no longer be able to make things happen for yourself. Your parents, I would guess, will want to know you’re struggling and even though they are grieving your brother, will certainly rally to get help for you. I hope you get help soon. Please check back with us and let us know.


You are very brave and I appreciate you asking for help. I really admire you, please get yourself in for a check up. If you feel it’s too much of a burden for you parents then ask a friend or other relative to help you you.
The sooner you receive medical help, the better it will be for you. Take care, AnnieNorCal

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Hi @onetreehill . I am glad you posted so that you can have some people around the world here on this forum rooting for you to get the help you need to feel better. You are very strong to try to handle this alone. But we all need help sometimes.

Sometimes it is a long wait to see a psychiatrist, and where I live, my daughter was told she can check herself in to the behavioral health hospital anytime she feels the need. I do hope you can see a doctor somewhere soon or go to the hospital if things get any worse for you.

I have 4 children, and no matter what was going on in my life, I would want to know if any one of them was suffering. Perhaps if your parents helped during your last episode, you should let them know what is going on. Do keep in touch on this forum.

Hi onetreehill,

I’m sorry you are going through this.

If you are in the USA, we could try to find resources in your county by looking up the crisis hotlines or centers there.

Thank you for your reply! I did go through an assessment and next week is the soonest I can see a psychiatrist. I just need to hang in there! I do talk to my mom and a friend about what I am going through. I have good support from my family, and I am very lucky. I want to get better so I can be myself again for my family and myself. Thank you I appreciate your message!

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My first episode became very bad, and the medication saved my life in way. But now, I do not whether the medicine is effecting by side effects, and not helping my psychotic episode. I will get help next week it’s the soonest available psychiatrist. My parents are supportive, thank you! I am hoping the psychosis passes very soon

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Thank you AnnieNorCal! I appreciate take care too!

Hi Onetreehill,

I’m so glad you are talking with your mom and your friend; that can go a long way with at least making you feel that you’re not alone.

Be sure to write down your feelings and symptoms so that it will be easier for the psychiatrist to understand what you’ve been going through. Don’t be shy about it, just write it all down or type it up. Sometimes when we are in the Dr. office, we forget what we wanted to say and soon enough the time is up and we forgot to tell them the most important things.

You are doing everything right, talking with people who care, getting an appointment with the doctor. Keep your mind on the future and how you will succeed. You are stronger than you think.

Best wishes to you…

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Hello, you’re right everyone does need help and it is okay to ask for the help.
That’s true it will take until next Thursday for me to see a psychiatrist and that is a good idea to help before Thursday if needed.
Yes I do tell my parents mostly my mom about my life. But I do not ever want to put my parents through what I put them through during my first episode. That was too much given my brother’s cancer worsening during last summer. I just can’t control my mental state during a psychotic episode

Thank you oldladyblue!

Hi Hereandhere,

It is not your fault and thank you!

Yes I am, but I don’t think there is a free crisis hotline for this. But there might be and thanks, I went to a hospital for an assessment my mom helped me

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CBD if it’s around where you are could be helpful in the meanwhile…
Not sure if they offer that around where you live
There should absolutely be almost nothing of THC if you are able to access it…
I would also get frankenscence chamomile tea and also do breathe work if you can which you can YouTube it
Gaba will help too…
Valeriano root
But really pure CBD if you can afford it should be helpful in the mean time
If it’s really bad…


I hope that everything works out for you @onetreehill . I am very glad you had your assessment and that your mom is helping you. It is great that you don’t want to burden your parents. It shows you care for them.

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I feel that my psychotic episode is worsening. I do not feel like myself during these episodes. My pupils are very dilated, and they stay like this. This happened during my first episode, too. I am scary looking to myself and to others as well. There is no history of a mental illness in the family. I am scared that I am mentally ill and what if this is more serious than just psychosis or psychotic episode what if I am a psycho I just don’t know that I am. I am scared of my episode and this mental state

CBD is not available where I live, it can only be used for a medical condition. I do have valerian root, and this can help me calm down. Thank you TheSunshineMaras!

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Hi Onetreehill,

Your appointment is tomorrow, right? Hang in there! You will make it! You had the strength to post in the first place, so you obviously are strong of character and you will get through this.

Concentrate on getting help, not what the diagnosis may be. What you need is to feel better and that is the most important thing. I and others on the forum are here cheering you on. Post some more if you feel like it and talk about what you’re going through.

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Hi LifeIsHard,

My appointment is pretty soon next week. I am not strong I think I am lost

I will try to hang in there thank you so much!

If you think you can’t make it until next week, please talk with your family and see if there is any way you could go to a hospital sooner. There is nothing wrong with this. Some times we feel so bad we have to go to the emergency room or get help right away even if we have an appointment coming up.

If you can wait, it might be better to talk with a doctor who already knows you, but if you can’t wait, talk with your family…don’t keep it all to yourself. No matter who we are, we all want to be free from pain, whether it is physical or mental.


My daughter is aware that if she feels badly she can check herself in at our nearest hospital. She went there herself to talk to the woman at the acceptance desk, as she wasn’t sure I told her the truth. The woman kindly told her she could check herself in at any time. She didn’t stay, but she came home feeling relieved. Can you go to an emergency room? It might help you feel better to talk to someone even if you don’t admit yourself.