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Pursue education

I want to know if people with very mild Schizophrenia are able to pursue professional education?

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Without context or details:

Yes, absolutely.
Disability is taken seriously in both the work place and in the education system in the United States. A disability does not preclude anyone from learning and doing a job that they are perfectly capable of doing.
If an amputee is allowed to be a Chemist, then someone with Schizophrenia is allowed to work, too.

People on the forum with schiz are getting an education and others with schiz have as well. I however dont think the actual percentage of people with schiz that actually pursue professional education is going to be a very high percentage. Other factors such as negative symptoms can greatly impact a person’s ability to do this. I do think the other person is right in saying a schiz person’s intelligence may be the same but their ability to learn may not be the same. I for one have schiz and feel that my ability to learn has been compromised. It’s hard to have some great career with schiz. About 5 to 10 percent of them actually work full time.

i dont push education on my son…i dont think the stress would help anyione…wellness is my goal and from there i would advice a mental health club as these places can give your child a sense of purpose and also the meet people they relate to

mental health clubs are places where the patient can do creative writing, art yoga or health managemnet, or else just drop in for a coffee…

mental health clubs are in most cities and towns…just ask your pdoc or mental health team

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Welcome @cara
I haven’t heard of mental health clubs before… Sounds like something worth checking into for my daughter. She has decided not to go to college… at least not right away… she hasn’t given up on that idea… and if she does, it will be in Art.


They are often called “clubhouses” - ask the organization that you posted about recently - the one that offered so many resources.

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Yes, this is so true! My husband took several student loans, never finished college and has never had a job to pay back the loans. The loans went into default and follow him when ever he tries to rent an apartment. Luckily, there is still plenty of aid for school in the form of grants and scholarships. Windyhill63’s daughter is very talented and should be able to find some financial assistance for school.

Yes, I have read several books and articles about people with sz who have gone on to earn college degrees. Furthermore, if formally diagnosed, they may be able to get an IEP (Individual Education Plan), which allows professors to make accommodations or modifications in the classroom (ie: more time to complete assignments, less problems to complete, etc.). My brother just sent me an article on Esme Wang. She attended college and wrote The Collected Schizophrenias Essays. The author of The Center Cannot Hold also has a college degree and is dx with sz. TY!

I think there is a way to get fafsa loans cancelled due to permanent disability. Try looking at their website

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Thanks, Sea,

I will look into this if we live together again in the future. Right now he is thousands of miles away and in crisis. He claims his SSI and SSDI have been canceled, so I’m not sure if that is an option at the moment. He is definitely both mentally and physically permanently disabled, though, so I am hoping if he makes it through this crisis that the benefits will be restored and he can work on making his life better.

She does have a couple of college savings funds set up by grandparents… and she might consider going to a two-year college or an art school rather a full four year college. We will worry about that when that times comes… One thing at a time.