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Put out in the street after released from jail

I just found out that if my daughter is released from jail they will just put her out in the street without a phone call, nor any money, even if they know she has schizophrenia. I just talked to the west valley detention in rancho Cucamonga and found out that if my daughter is released from jail she will not be able to call me to let me know. I asked, if she will be able to call me and the women I spoke with said, " no, she will have to figure it out on her own". I am so angry that these places would do this to anyone, but especially the mentally ill. How do you go about changing this kind of policy? I feel obligated to do something about this.

I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous as this seems to sound like. You have to be aware that there may be undiagnosed people in places of authority as well as in any other. Like bad cops and bad priests etc… and some 911 operators I think as well. People are people and prone to not always get things right. May be someone is having a really bad day etc…

Have you been able to find anyone sympathetic where your daughter is? My son was picked up once, I called and called until I found someone helpful. I was surprised the judge didn’t send him to the hospital, he was very symptomatic at the time, but instead they released him. Fortunately I was able to get someone to call me and they agreed to hold him until I was there, and they basically handed him over to me, rather than just putting him out. It was clear to them it would have been irresponsible to just open the door and let him go.

I will keep trying to maybe reach someone who might do that for her. I can’t reach her or talk to her on the phone or anything. She may be released as soon as tomorrow, if the district attorney decides. They just told me to call tomorrow by 7pm because “he has until the end of the day” to decide. I can’t believe this is their policy. I live two hours away and they may just put her on the street. She weighs all but maybe 90 pounds and is very petite. I don’t want to even imagine what could happen to her if they do this. I wonder how to get this practice changed? I don’t even know where to start.

Thats how it is. If your lucky only some of your belongings are missing. Usually your not even told your free to go. Dont want to sound like Ive done this a lot, only a few charges of minor things when I was a moneyless homeless person.

It is possible she did not sign a release of information paper with your name as an emergency contact. There is such a thing as public housing authority. Usually they will give about two weeks rent within two weeks. Many places like hotels or studios offer day to day or weekly rent. As for your daughter, it may be possible to file a missing person report after 48 hours at the police department wait in line even if it takes 10 perpetrators to walk past you. Speak with a probationary officer, it would not hurt to search online on a state website that shows if a person is in state custody. First ask family and friends. That may help.

I know you live 2 hours away, but I would make sure you are there for her hearing. You are allowed to speak. Explain the situation to them. Hopefully you have mental health court there. The judge can either send her for that ( she will be assigned a case manager who will help her to find a place to live, help with housing, benefits, etc…) Even if she is homeless while they find a place for her, the worker will keep in touch and show her the “ropes”. Your daughter will have to show up for medication appmnts and go to court every 3 weeks, or be arrested.
Or-the judge could order her into a mental health facility for awhile. Things could be set up for from there.
She has to have someone speak for her.
I wish you luck!!!

@stressedout … I just wanted to tell you about another great support group on Facebook. If you wanted to check it out. Search for… Parents of kids with Scizophrenia. May be a jelp .

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