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Refuses help homeless

My family member has SZ. Is not on meds, not seeing doctor, and homeless. He has been like this for a decade. When he is lucid he doesn’t believe me and won’t let me get him help. What can I do? I cannot let go and forget him. Even though my heart is ripping in two. What can I do for him? How can I get him to let me get him on meds. Please don’t say call the police. I would fear for his life with our local department. I am low income, old and disabled. So paying for a hospital is not possible. Tell me what you tried and was it helpful.

As you know, your options are extremely limited, see if he has a friend that could convince him to a hospital…

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We have called the crisis team 3x for our son in 2 years. He did not believe he was ill and wouldn’t go to the hospital. But, that said the crisis team from our local hospital and police department are very caring. Since our son is over 26 and not on my med insurance all his care is covered by state insurance. He has had 3 hospital stays and his therapy has also been covered. Our police department actually helped us track him down 100 miles south of us and 3 cities away. We had no idea where he was. Call your local hospital and ask for the crisis team. Another place for great advice is NAMI.

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