Remembering hallucinations after relapse


Hello, I am new to this website and new to being with someone with SZ. My boyfriend has had a relapse and is in the hospital recieving treatment. The relapse was caused by a poor fitted medication. He sometimes seems completely lucid and others he thinks I have been saying things that I have not said, like criticism and such. To a point that he has told me he can’t trust me because I’m always messing with him. I truly love this man and my question is when his medication stabilizes and he is back to feeling like himself, will he realize they were hallucinations or will he still believe I said these things?


Unfortunately I don’t always remember all my hallucinations. If he says your messing with him and he can’t trust you, then once he’s stable, he might not want to remember this. It might be good that he might not remember this. As soon as I was stable, I was of course lucid and a lot more logical. There were a few things I remembered and I was able to get help and therapy and get past some of my delusions. I hope he gets the help he needs.
The fact that he’s now receiving care, he’s going to get some more intensive help and have a chance to get stabilized. Is he in a hospital that is close enough to visit? That might help him see that your init for the long haul.
Keep the line of communication open


He is in a hospital a couple hours away, I’m mostly concerned that he will still believe that the hallucinations were real, like i said this is a new thing for me. He has been stable until this relapse, i want to show that i am there for him but i also don’t want to aggravate him further and because I’m not his wife no one has been in contact with me about his condition. The only way we have contact is if he calls me and he hasn’t for several days after he told me that i was messing with him and called me a few expletives before hanging up. So I’m not sure if I should visit him or give him space.


Was he thinking any of this before his meds started getting tampered with? Might his family be open to talking to you? If they don’t know about you is there anyway you could intro yourself as a close friend? I hate to say it that if he’s going to be hostile and verbally abusive you might need to give him his space. But it will all boil down to what your heart tells you. You know him and see him all the time.

I hope things go smooth soon. Hang in there for now. Good luck.


Thank you, I think i will write him a letter and see how that goes, at least that way he won’t hear things i am not actually saying. as far as visiting goes i guess I will have to play that one by ear.


That is a very good idea. I have a lot of luck with letters. I hope he comes back to himself soon.


When my son was first admitted last time I backed off on visiting as for a bit he thought negative things about me and I didn’t want to aggravate the situation. Once he started to get stable he started calling me. It’s hard to wait it out but hang in there. You should be able to call the ward and ask for him. Call the hospital and get the number of the patient phone. When talking to him you can see if he still feels like you are messing with him then make a decision on seeing him right away or not.