Sad.... had to put son in hospital again

I had to get my son help today and feeling really sad… Im glad hes in a safer place but I feel bad that I may have to get him into a long term facility. Is anybody familiar with long term hospitals in riverside county ca.?

Hi Patty. Big hugs…

I don’t know if this link can help to at least direct you to someone who can help if they can’t.

Are you thinking of group homes…these places can be good as youre basically have a lot more freedom than hospital.

Sorry your son had to be hospitalised but it will probably do him some good.

big hugs being sent your way!!!

Thanks for the Hugs and the tips! He usually stops taking meds when he gets out of hospital so Im trying to see if I can get him back to longterm care for awhile.

I have schizophrenia. Id just like to pass on some info. I do not take my medication, rarely I take it. So, Im probably like your son. But you have to understand that anti psychotics are far from a complete medicine. They are basically just sedatives. They have no proven track record of curing schizophrenia. And when you add in to the mix that they are basically “downer” medication, you can probably understand why schizophrenics dont like taking them. Im just telling you this, so you don’t be hard on your son. These meds are downers. They leave you feeling lethargic and unsocial. Anti psychotics primary aim is to dry up a feel good chemical in the brain called dopamine. It dries up this feel good chemical. It does not leave you feeling well. Im just posting this so you understand why your son and other schizophrenics like me do not like to take these meds. Sure if they were to give us an instant cure, we would swallow them like candy.

They need to taste more like candy. I dread the days when one of my pills fights me on the way down and gets stuck on the roof of my mouth. There’s a taste you don’t forget without therapy!

I’m sorry to hear about your son.


^ mother teresa jellybean hug.

**Hi Patty.
Sorry your son is in the hospital–but now he can get some help. Hope you can relax and breathe for awhile. **