Update on my son transfer to long term care

My son was transferred to a nice place in O.C. on the new meds and is stable and seems like he’s doing a lot better! A 6 month program at this long term hospital which they have a pool , tennis courts and basketball courts. I notice a big change in his moods they are a lot more stable and is very nice and calm and not trying to cut or hurt himself. I can actually have conversations with him without him having interference with voices telling him negative and bad things and no agitation so far since they added sereqoel. I will enjoy this time that I have him back for awhile…luv ya guys …sending prayers to all of you and thanks for being there for me!

Sounds like a great place. I would caution you to not let your hopes get sky high about his improvement. Sometimes changes in situations temporarily make us feel better but we MIGHT revert back to our old selves when the novelty wears off. Sorry, I don’t want to rain on your parade. You are doing the right thing by enjoying his changes while you can. I wish both of you good luck and I hope his present good condition lasts. Schizophrenia is peaks and valleys as you well know.
Just like anybodies life but sometimes more dramatic. But yeah, sounds like a good place.
Wow, I’ve never heard of ANY psychiatric hospital having a pool. Good for you guys for getting in that place.

That is great news! Hopefully it will last a long time and you get to keep him :purple_heart:

I am glad he is in a good place. It is nice they have positive things it will help you feel better also

Woo hoo that’s great news! I know it makes your heart happy :heartpulse: Praying that it lasts :pray:

Well I have accepted that it will not last but hoping someday he will realize he needs to stay on meds…I have to cherish this moment while it will last…I have him back for a while. This has been really hard journey ups and downs in and out of hospitals constantly for almost 4 years and every time my son gets out of hospitals within a month he is off his meds and back in a hospital. Thanks everyone…

Maybe this would be a good time to subtly reinforce the idea to your son that he needs to stay on his med’s. You have my best wishes, and my prayers go with you.

i am really happy for you pattywagon1,i hope your happy for yourself as well