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SAMHSA - What a wonderful vision for the SMI

The SE program helps people with mental illnesses discover paths of self-sufficiency and recovery, rather than disability and dependence. Most people with SMI want to work, yet they face significant barriers in finding and keeping jobs, such as:

  • A limited number of jobs in communities
  • Discrimination against people with mental illnesses
  • Limited or compromised executive functioning skills among some consumers that hinder one’s ability to perform and attend work
  • Lack of supported employment programs
  • Inadequate transportation

With support, they can work in competitive jobs or start their own businesses, enabling them to increase their work activity and earnings over time.

Looks like grantees are only in a few states.

Transforming Lives Through Supported Employment (SE) Program | SAMHSA](Transforming Lives Through Supported Employment (SE) Program | SAMHSA

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I don’t know about this site, but I’m glad you posted it.

My daughter got sooooo much help from the State of Florida Disability Office. They tested her, trained her, transported her and got her job interviews. Then after she got her job, they checked up on her for 6 months. That is the only reason why she is stably working now. She trusted them and felt cared for. She’s had her job cleaning in an assisted living facility for over a year now and is VERY much happier.


Very many kudos to your daughter!

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I know that many people need help finding jobs, it pays to just keep researching organizations, and trying them out. Of course, oftentimes it is the caregivers giving the loved ones the gentle pushes they need to keep trying new things. Thank you for the kudos! Back at you too for finding the SE site you posted! I hope your post helps many others.


Yes, I have to stay on this. My wife and I are not going to be around forever and my son will have to support himself after we’re gone. That could be 30+ years.

Yes, I understand totally your desire to set things up for the future for your son. The better planning you can do now, the calmer you will feel, I know from my own experience. I am happy my daughter has contacts with the Florida Vocational Rehab Dept and with the Boley Center. My home will pass to a trust set up to keep her housed until her death, and hopefully those 2 organizations will assist her for the rest of her life.

I too see the value of gainful employment in helping the patient. In my area people can work voluntarily in a small local library. It is run entirely by volunteers, some retired and others suffering mentally from various negative life-changing experiences. It only opens for 4 hours per day and staff can leave at any time if they are not feeling well. (The other staff will cover their duties). There are no stigmas, just a great deal of compassion. It’s brilliant. Staff say it helps them feel worthy.