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SANE Mental Health Charity - Black Dog Campaign & Selfies

The Black Dog Campaign reduces the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourages people to seek help early, rather than suffering in silence.

The Black Dog has been used as a metaphor for depression from antiquity to the present day. To bring the campaign to life we have designed visually striking Black Dog statues. The physical presence of a Black Dog will help people to define their experience of the ‘invisible’ condition, which characterises mental illness, as well as promoting more open discussion, understanding and acceptance. In order to deliver a positive message of support, the black dogs will have a ‘collar of hope’ and wear ‘coats’ designed by celebrities, artists and members of the public.

Huge WOW and Thank you.

What a very cool way to address this. Huge thumbs up to who made this.

I didn’t realize there was soooo many of these until now. But in this case I think a picture is certainly worth a thousand words.

Love the Black Dog captions! They say it all.

Glenn Close has a sister w/bipolar and this sister’s son (Glenn’s nephew) has schizo-affective. The entire family is working to reduce/end stigma of mental illness. Her organization is called “BringChange2Mind”. I love that she is using her celebrity to bring attention to this great cause. Last fall BringChange2Mind held walks throughout the US to raise awareness and there was one in Atlanta in October. Bailey started spiraling downward in October and as much as I wanted to, and had planned on participating in the walk, I didn’t possess the extra mental energy I needed due to everything we were going through. I’m hoping there will be another next year.

I am ambivalent about it. Mainly because Sane have focussed on the black dog tribe forums which are mainly to do with depression and relatively neglected their original forums to the point they are a shadow of their past.I used to go on them but changes and abysmal moderation rendered them less supportive Also the original forums and emphasis was more inclusive of all mental health problems.

thanks for the info it helps in dealing with situations. That was a beautiful way of putting things so that I can better understand what he is truly going through… I think the visuals helped a lot.

This is so so true… I had to add a few periods to get the 20 characters in :flushed:

Liking the emoticons :laughing: