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Scared to ride in a car

My son takes abilify that works very well for him. The only problem is abilify causes anxiety and compulsive behaviors for him. My son has developed a fear of riding in a car. He doesn’t want to go see his pdoc or anything that has to do with riding in a car. I’m not sure if this is anxiety or a delusion.

Hi my son is taking ability too and I’m the one who is scared for him to drive his car as I feel he has delayed thought meaning when I ask him a question he takes a few long seconds to answer so that worries me . I’m not sure if he hears voices , this is all very new for us and I feel so sad watching him go through this . He is very much in denial . There are certain things when they say No to something it seems almost impossible to convince them otherwise . I would discuss this alone with his doctor and see his/her intake .

I would guess both… Give him something to occupy himself while in the vehicle…

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On this subject: How can I get my son to ride in a car?

My son has a pdoc appointment on next Thursday. He is still afraid to ride in a car. I don’t know what I can do to convince him. He has to go to get his injection. Any suggestions?
Does anyone know anything about home health nurses coming to your house to give injections?

Offer to take him for ice cream after appointment…

Last time, you were lucky and it turned out to be a better day. Sometimes, if I remind my son that he has to do something in advance, he will come through when the time comes.

Another friend took hers to his favorite store after his appointments. Have you been able to get him to say what part of the car is a problem? Like others have said, headphones, hoodie, maybe even something to cover his vision.

I was hugely into bribery for awhile.

Ice cream or anything else affordable and safe.

Also, is there a bus? Would he go in a taxi or Uber?

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He is afraid that we might get in a car accident.

That’s a tough one since it’s a pretty reasonable fear in many ways.

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Well, we didn’t make it to my son’s pdoc appointment. He was real afraid to get in the car. He took hydroxyzine but that didn’t help. He was due for a injection. We decided to put him back on the pill.

I’m sorry to hear he didn’t get his injection. That must be so disheartening. My son has his injection coming up next week, and I’m not feeling confident he’ll go for it. He’s starting to fall apart, and he’s refusing daily oral pills to get him through the next few days. I have a strong feeling he’s going to refuse the injection and start the horrible spiral back down. I hate this.

Will your son stay on Abilify oral meds? Are you sure the meds were causing the OCD and anxiety? My son has those issues as well, but he’s on Invega.

Car rides are often not pleasant for us either. He’s not refusing them, but he’s constantly fearful we’re going to crash. I drive like a turtle now.

@Believing I am sorry, I know you did your best to get him in the car.

Dear Believing, You are doing your best.

A few years ago, I spent hours convincing my family member to get in the car to the doctor’s office. We made it to the doctor’s office and family member reclined the passenger seat, closed their eyes, and would not speak or leave the car. I went in and asked the clinician to come outside; the clinician came outside. Same thing from family member, fully reclined, eyes closed, would say nothing. We just had to drive back home with no appointment or treatment.

I hope your son somehow receives the treatment he needs.