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Anxiety or Delusion


My son is all of a sudden afraid to ride in a car. He says he gets a really uncomfortable feeling while riding in a car. I’m not sure if this is anxiety or a delusion. Any suggestions?


My son is also afraid to ride in a car. It seems to be quite common in schizophrenia. I think it’s anxiety, but why they’re so afraid I don’t know. He’s not interested in driving either. Doesn’t have a driver’s license either, one of many things he doesn’t have and not interested in having.


How old is he???


He is 23yrs. He use to drive but not anymore.


Ask him for more detail… I assume he has never been diagnosed with SZ… anxiety


It could fall under paranoia too.


I think it is both. Could it be their voices telling them to jump and they are afraid? There for awhile I would ask my son if he needed to set in the back and sometime he’ll take me up on it. He feels safer there on some days. Other times, he is fine.


To be honest, I get anxiety about being a passenger in someone else’s car but I found this article that explains some things and offers suggestions ( good ole’ CBT is one of them - that’s another thread)


This were great. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the article. @Mom2


Unfortunately I stopped at the CBT suggestion. Not thinking exposure therapy (nor hypnosis) apply to our situation. My son goes to a therapist who practices CBT and talk therapy - they are 1.5 hour long sessions and I take him twice a week. It has really helped with his anxiety I feel.


I wish I could get my son to go to CBT. CBT should be mandatory. Especially if your receiving any type of benefits.


My son has the same issue, we got him noisecsncelling headphones which have been a life saver for us, He told me it was the noise of all the traffic that increased his anxiety and made him fearful, sort of a PTSD reaction, we got them off amazon for less than $100 good luck


Great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I just bought another pair for him. Debating about not waiting till Christmas😉


My son will be 30 November 1st. His diagnosis: paranoid schizophrenia and he has had anxiety since he was very young and ADHD without hyperactivity.


My son wants to sit front passenger so he can watch vigilantly and give me directions like “go now!” Or “hurry, get through that light!” That makes ME nervous as hell! LOL! He won’t sit in the back and he won’t go if it’s a crowded car. None of these things were a problem before he became ill :frowning:


Me too! My son won’t participate in anything that’s suggested. He goes once a month to get his shot and that’s it. He is very paranoid and has really bad anxiety. Also won’t go in a vehicle unless absolutely necessary. He has transport come for him that one time a month. And they bring him home after. One day I was hanging out with him while he waited. He was so nervous, I felt so sorry for him. He paced and looked so nervous and at one point he even vomited!!


So heartbreaking!
My son actually went out with his cousin last weekend. I was so happy. This week he’s back fearing. I don’t know what else to do.


Those little things like your son going out give us hope. Baby steps, my son is going on 3 years since his diagnosis and he is not at all social. I am the only person he goes out with, but he s definitely nervous in the car driving.