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Symptoms changing

My son came to me yesterday and told me that he feels afraid to ride in car now. This happened all of a sudden. I really think his marijuana use is contributing. Seeing my son like this is so heaet breaking all I do is cry.

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Did you ask him why?

I agree with the marijuana though. If you can get him to stop for awhile, he might change his mind.

My son sometimes has to practically hide in the car on trips because he doesn’t want people to look at him.

Once, when he was really well we went to Walmart. He said just being there made his sad because just seeing all the other people reminded him of how different he is - or thinks he is.

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They just keep losing the ability to do stuff one thing at a time. I think I finally ran out of tears.

It is sad, it limits him even more. Hopefully it will be temporary. My son seems to want to do less all the time. With this disease you never know from day to day.

Isn’t that the truth? All of our loved ones with mi are so different and can have different kinds of days. In that way it reminds me of my MIL’s dementia. She would be all over the place from day to day. Sometimes even faster - you would be convinced that she was in her right mind and then she would say something in the very next sentence that was clearly not from reality.

All of this is alot to handle. I wonder if this new fear of riding in a car that my son has is a delusion.