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Schizophrenia and parental rights

My schizo boyfriend is psychotic and become racist. He writes kkk all over his body. And I’m of colour. He hangs out with people that are mostly of colour. I have no idea where this racism is coming from. To make matters worse. He tricked me into a pregnancy. I lied and said I’m not pregnant to buy myself some time. With my baby coming I really don’t know if I can expose my child to him. I have schizophrenia in my family too and the trauma could cause my child to get it too. When I moved in with him, he was loving and the best. He was never like this before. He wants me to see him in hospital. But I just can’t see him like that amymore. He kisses me and calls me baby with racist writing all over his body and ex girlfriends names as well. I tell him that me and him are friends, but of course I still love him and all of this just breaks my heart too. And it’s like he gets pleasure out of seeing the pain in my eyes. He has also put me through hell in other ways. I found out that he was bad mouthing me to his family. He drove me against my will to drug squalor that had no electricity with thugs and told me that we live there now. He told how he was going to kill me in detail. I want to turn my back on him for my own sanity. But how can I when I’m expecting his child now? I feel heartbroken and cry every night. I can’t even hide the pregnancy for long because my sister is dating his brother. To be honest I have given up on him, he’s second relapse on drugs since I’ve known him. And the doctor said if he uses again he won’t get better, that more damage is done each time he uses. Is there something I can ask his mom to sign on his behalf to release parental rights?

My personal opinion - because the baby you have all the MORE reason to put space between this person and yourself. I suggest you consult a lawyer.


I agree w Valpen. The relationship sounds toxic. Stay away and take care of yourself. I don’t know anything about parental rights, but if you could talk to a lawyer or other professional to get advice, do it! What’s his family like? Do they recognize that he is ill?

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Yes they do. He’s in hospital getting treatment.

That is very frightening. Your first priority needs to be to keep yourself (and your child) safe. Worrying about parental rights can come later.

Do you have your own living space? If not, that is step #1.

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