Schizophrenia and Psychosis Awareness Day May 24, 2014 - Are you wearing purple?



I would love to … but wearing purple up here, people just think I’m supporting the UW huskies.


didnt know that i will wear purple now


I can’t find my purple T shirt and it’s too warm for my purple sweatshirt, which says Victoria BC by the way.

@ SurprisedJ, it’s fine if you wear it. Someone gave me a Colorado Rockies baseball T shirt, purple, back in 1994, and I wore it in Boston where everyone is a Red Sox fan…haha…
I lost that purple shirt, but hear it’s a collectors item now…oh well, not into sports…just liked the purple shirt and design…
this one… but shirt was purple too, not black…


Damn, I don’t have anything that’s purple. I can probably tie a string around my finger for a while and it’ll go purple… J/K.

Interesting fact: Purple is not really a ‘color’ of the visible light spectrum. It is the consequence of having 3 photoreceptors that activate at different frequencies (actually 2 receptors capable of sensing 2 colors each blue/yellow and red/green, though for some reason the yellow receptor doesn’t count? Probably because the red/green receptor takes over yellow perception? IDK.) When the red and the blue receptors activate at the same time, we see purple; most other animals just see blue and yellow (they can’t see green AND red correctly, they see both colors as the same color: different shades of yellow).

Note however that violet is a true color of the spectrum. We see it as purplish blue for the same reason. Our red receptors are also a little more sensitive at the end of the spectrum. So where you see violet is where the red receptor is triggered a little. So as the blue fades, the little bit of activation from the red receptors become more obvious and it starts to look violet.

So, our red receptor is not ONLY active at the color red, just MOSTLY active at red. The further you get from red, the more the color fades. If you only had a red receptor, yellow and orange would seem to be like a darker red. Green and blue would seem to be very dark colors of red or even black (since green is actually the deactivation of red). Then there is a small bump in sensitivity of the red receptor where violet is. This is why violet appears to have a little red in it.

… And why purple is fake.


I thought this was funny. I went to the pool for my fun Saturday morning swim and my sis wore her purple suit to teach her water ex class. She saw the post so that is why she dug it out.

People came up and asked, “So, you decided on UW then?” She said NO, it’s an awareness day for mental illness.

She tried to start a conversation with some people who nodded and said, “That’s nice, your going to study mental illness at UW then. Go Huskies.”


Some people just have a one track mind…haha!

I did end up putting on my purple sweatshirt later today since it got a little cooler and overcast…so I did. Not that any humans saw me…plenty of animals did though…


That’s pretty cool to know.