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Living with my schizophrenic wife and children that I love all of them


If you are a husband and your wife got Schizophrenia and you have a baby
and a child under 6 years, how do you cope to keep your family together
and to no give up ??? I need help pleeeeease. I love my family .




I have a son with sz so I can not speak from your perspective. I think you’d have to have clear boundaries of what’s okay and what’s not to protect your family’s safety. Get a therapists or doctor’s help to negotiate these with your wife, if needed, and set clear expectations. Without boundaries, I think we’re all a bit screwed. BTW, I’m new to this idea so implementing them slowly :slight_smile: Hugs


I am sorry to hear of your stressful situation. I am married to husband for 30 and he is sz. We have children who are adults. I hope your wife is on medication, if not she needs to be. My husband has never been violent or inappropriate with our children. I hope this is the same for you, if not you need to protect your children at all costs. I believe it is important for you to have some type of respite and support. Maybe a family member can help with children? Maybe your state has an agency that provides assistance with respite? I am sure that both of you are stressed out with two little ones to care for. Please call and reach out to your local NAMI as they would be able to provide you with more information in reference to your area. I hope that others can offer you some advice and support. God bless.


Thanks Amy and Silent1 for your help and assistance, yes she become very violent, throwing on us anything she finds in front of her, recently she thrown a very heavy flours vase, but thanks God, it was on the wall leaving a big mark, if that was on me or on my little baby, I would not be here replying to you.She is not on any medication, she is just ignoring it or maybe denying having it, although some of her brothers and sisters got it. It happens before where she became violent, but it is only God who is protecting me and my little ones, I love her and care about her and feel what is she suffering from, at the mean time I am very worried about my 2 daughters, especially the baby, she loves them as well and care about them when she is fine, but when she become violent she looses control and sometimes she takes a knife and say I will kill myself, she ripped all her clothes, she pulls her her, she bit me Harley, and start throwing anything in front of her, all I do is just try to calm her down and protect the little ones, but it is not good for them to see their mom in this situation, they start crying and become very scared. but when it is over, she feels guilty and start crying regretting what she has done and what has happened to her. I do not want to call the authorities to let them about what is going on as I love my wife and my girls, and I am worried that they might take her away where she will be not treated well, and the girls will loose their mom, at the same time I am worries as well that something happen to her or to me or the the girls when she loose control and become violent. I really do not know what to do?? I need help.



So sorry!
I would have to say that it would be worse if you let the kids be around their mom unmedicated
. Even if she didnt actually touch them-they could be very traumatized by this behavior-maybe even develop an MI themselves. If your wife feels that bad after becoming that way-that might be a good time to set a have to do this for your kids. You also have to be prepared to back it up. Let her know that if she continues-you will have to remove yourself and your children. This doesnt mean you do not love her. It sounds like she may have some clue-but she must get some help.
I hope you can get some support for this-it`s not easy to do alone.