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Schizophrenia stepson going on airplane help

My husband and I seriously cant take anymore. The son is 32 and refuses to take meds and since he is an adult he can refuse. I’ve called numerous place and the all said the son must make the call. We’ve tried everything even letting him be homeless, but he will show up on our doorstep. He scares all our neighbors. He showed up one night so we let him stay one night. We have a rule to smoke on the side of the house, he refused and got very nasty to his Dad. He then called the police on us because he feels he can smoke anywhere he wants. He said he has rights to live in our house and we have to take care of him. The police did make him leave.

My main problem now is can he fly on a plane. His brother offered to take him in and I’m worried he wont be able to handle the plane ride. It’s a 2 plus hours nonstop. We are broke mentally and financially dealing with him. I’m retired and dont want to be an adult daycare person. I dont have the training. We have told the brother and him it’s a one way deal. Any ideas on how he’ll do on the plane. I was with him all day yesterday and he starts flapping his arms around being loud and if he does that on the plane who knows what would happen. My hope would be him to be court ordered to get treatment. I honestly cant deal with him anymore.

Scz patients often gave the ability to “pull themselves together” for a short periods of time. I’m sure others here have experienced that. A 2+ hour plane ride isn’t too long. He will likely do fine.

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Thank you. I cant help him anymore because I need to take of myself. I’m sad he has this illness I’m tired and tried so hard. Bless all the caretakers who help them, these care takers are special people.

Mine flies but we makd sure he has an isle seat.

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My son had major anxiety about flying… tho he has flown numerous times throughout his life. … but once in the plane he was fine. Will be praying… that is very kind of your brother to offer to care for him… is he equipped?? Does he realize what he’s getting into?? A lot of what you wrote is similar to my situation… prayers for you do not give up hope.

How did the plane flight go? Did your step-son make it to your brother’s?

My daughter has flown across the country and back (one way alone, one way with a friend), and taken a Greyhound bus on her own. Somehow she was fine during all trips.

Get him an aisle seat my grandson does better with one

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