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Schozoaffective mother

My mum has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder for the past six years now and has been an emotional rollercoaster ever since, and now it only seems to be getting worse. I am unable to any kind of normal conversation and i am constantly verbally abused. My mother believes everybody is out to get her or is a pedophile and this accusations are towards family members as well as strangers in the street. It is all that is spoken about and can become irratic or aggressive if she thinks she is not believed. My mother believe she can read minds and will often start shouting at ne because she believes i have said something in my mind. No matter what i say or do or even if i say nothing at all i cant seem to get through or am in the wrong. I feel as though i have completely lost my mum to her illness and not really sure what to do or how to tune out the verbal abuse.

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I kind of have personal experience with this. How old are you? My guess is, you’re too young to deal with this alone, or even to know how to. Do you have a school counselor, or someone you can talk to? I went through something similar when I was young. My best advice is to talk to someone. Like I said, a school counselor or some such.

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My mom has Schizophrenia and has since she was 17 years old. It’s such a difficult illness not only for them but their family members. What I found to be helpful and soothing is getting resources from the library on her illness. I’ve read documentaries and fact books and it helps me learn more about the illness and how to respond when they are not well. There are also NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) groups in various areas that you may want to consider. NAMI offers a support system and learning resources.

Hang in there and keep in touch! Take care.

Im 19 now it wasnt so bad when i was younger but there has been big family issues and im not sure if its that or maybe she isnt taking her meds im not sure she wouldnt tell ne if she wasnt and its hard to keep track but she only seems to be getting worse and she has currently banned me from the house saying i am no longer her daughter and i am part of a pedophile ring its so frustrating im trying to help but just not sure how to

Thankyou for that i will look into it x

You too

I suppose the clincher is, everyone is too young to deal with it alone. I was 8 years old when my brother became schizophrenic, so I have a number of years of understanding. When my brother was on his meds, he was mostly reasonable. But, for whatever reason, he stopped taking them on multiple occasions. Whenever he quit taking his meds, my brother became totally unreasonable, and even violent. Anti-psychotics aren’t fun. There’s a whole host of side-affects, none of them pleasant. If she has quit her meds, try to see it from her perspective. Her mind is already messed up, and now she’s taking meds that mess up her mind. Not fun. Her world once made sense, now it doesn’t, then it does again, except it doesn’t. It’s this constant push-pull, push-pull that causes people to stop taking meds. IMHO.

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