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SDM or guardianship


Hello everyone. I am new here although not new to the schizophrenia in my family.

My adult daughter is at this moment a formal patient in the hospital. She has no insight on how sick she is and refuses medication. She doesn’t trust me or anyone at this moment. She has been in the hospital for two weeks now and only yesterday they’ve started her on medication.
I believe they can only keep her for 30 days, that means she can be out in two weeks, still having no understanding that she is very sick and i am NOT her enemy.
At the moment while she is a formal patient, i am her SDM, but that will expire. I hope that upon discharge, she will be on CTO, but i am rather sceptical.

My question to those who understand the system and have practical experience with the law in Alberta and Canada (as my daughter is planning to run away to BC)

  1. Are there ways for me to become her permanent or longer term SDM or guardian and if yes, how to apply for this? I have googled the subject, but found nothing useful.
  2. If she will be on CTO upon discharge, but will run away to BC, what are my options? Will police help looking for her?
  3. how can i find a way to talk to the follow up therapist cause she will not tell me their contact and will not go to see them. Is there a way to talk to them or write a letter to them?
  4. is there any way to ensure her treatment while she does not trust anyone including myself?


I would apply now for guardianship and hope court date comes up before she is released. Chances are she will be hard headed and start cheeking her meds and they might keep her longer. At least hey the ball going in the direction you need in order to help her. What is her reasoning to flee to Canada?


We live in Canada, she is talking about going to another province, unfortunately. If she does go, she will be on the streets, but Canadian winters are no fun.
Thank you for your reply.
All the best.


I just want to add another comment here in case if someone will be looking for the same info. Someone here in this forum suggested to look for

“adult protective services”

I googled that for my province in Canada and finally did find the website with steps on how to apply for guardianship and trusty


I know how you feel. A lot of us here recognize that fear.
Are you familiar with NAMI? They might be able to help you with all of that information and questions. The terms SDM and CTO are not familiar to me but they might be called something else here. I hope you get some answers and


SDM - substitute decision maker
(Her doctor processed that for me, but only for the period while she is in the hospital)
CTO - community treatment order (involuntary monthly shots)


Are you familiar with the book “I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help” by Xavier Amador? The book does have ways to help you gain her trust. There are also videos of his on youtube.

Sorry I can’t be any help with Canadian laws.


Yes my eldest daughter has been successfully using the LEAP when talking to her sister
from that book as well i got the idea to pay my younger daughter for each pill she takes.