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Sense of coherence and mental health of informal carers

All that to say, basically, “Work can provide a sense of purpose.”
I’m not sure what the author’s definition of “informal career” is, but I assume the se general meaning of “career”; in that you can be a career military member, a career criminal, a career startup entrepreneur, or a career accountant…
Meaning that you probably won’t perform the same tasks in the same way every day of your life, but there are tasks you develop to become effective in your life’s work. And through that derive a way of evaluating your endeavors, yourself and your circumstances.

Be one an uber driver, or a physician, you certainly can predict what your next customer might expect from you, as well as what you expect from yourself. It breeds a sense of order and direction of your own making.

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I certainly wish it as easier to find jobs for my daughter that she can do and that employers will accept her for. She is happier when she is working. She has no motivation to be self employed as you have to have a communication ability that she no longer has.

The article referenced was hard for me to understand, but actually seems to be about giving the care-giver more peace and less stress. It said there were 7 million care-givers in the UK. Wow, that’s a lot of people caring for others.