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Feeling thankful

I remember first discovering this site. Even before you’re a member, you can see everyone’s stories and comments because it’s set for public view. I stumbled across a story that resonated so much with mine ( I wish I could remember the username of that mom). She was talking about how it was just her & son, all alone, and her being a FT caregiver, how she had let herself go, how she felt like she had to rush home from grocery shopping just so that she could keep an eye on him. That it was a hellish life, and she was beginning to question if this was all worth it. That story captured me. I remember thinking, “omg, do other people like me or in my situation really exist?”

I was just simply trying to learn as much as I could about sz. And to be honest, when his his social worker called me from the hospital to give me his diagnosis, I did not know what schizophrenia even was, nor the implications or the repercussions. I was trying to find out as much as possible, and of course, it didn’t take long to realize my son fit into the mold perfectly (all of the negative & positive symptoms, along with certain physical characteristics from speech and the scary stare to the dark black eyes when in psychosis).

I had to reset my phone today, and went into panic and almost had a heart attack when this website got accidently erased from my searches.

I just wanted to say I’m thankful I found this site. Misery loves company and hearing about others’ similar struggles (some worse off than my son and some doing alittle better than my son), makes it alittle more bearable.


Ditto ! i feel the same way and i am also very Thankful . Hope all good your end .

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@Linda, I know we talked before. I always wondered how you & your son were doing. My son is stable, but still isolates and refuses any help from anyone. It’s beyond frustrating!

Hope your son is settled back in his apt and finds some peace there.

My son is exactly the same , isolated and no insight . Remind me how old your son is ?is he on meds ?My son just called me , its 11pm , and my heart pounded hard , He called me to warn me about my neighbour and to stay away from him . He was referring to my neighbours son who used to be friends with my son and has been in the psych ward also . He told me he txt him weird things and i asked him like what ? he replied just strange stuff and that he deleted it . I don’t know who to believe or if its true as they both have MI . I calmed my son down and told him that i barely see him so don’t worry . He seemed worried for me and kept saying i love you mum , now I’m awake and thinking and praying his broken mind will heal

My son turned 25 this year. At least you know he loves you and is very protective of you. Who knows if it’s a delusion or if it’s real? In their minds it is very real.

Last year when he was in hospital, his doctor told me that he’s extremely protective of me and seemed angered at the thought of someone hurting me. It’s so weird, they’re protective of us but sometimes treat us badly.

Every time he calls me, my heart pounds too. What happened now? What’s going on with him?

It’s a constant worry and it never goes away.

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My son will turn 22 in a few weeks , yes your right he can be so rude sometimes and then protective . Does he live near you ?

Yes, almost identical to your situation. Not even 3 minutes away. Walking about 10 minutes. I need to be able to watch over him 24/7.

thats great , does he drive ? visit you ? was just reading about lumateperone new medication that treats positive and negative symptoms and less side effects … some hope !

Yes he loves to drive, he has my car about 70% of the time, at least I know he gets out that way. And luckily I can work from home, so I dont need the car everyday. He is an excellent driver, but sometimes forgets he needs to check for gas. That’s tricky. I just wish I could see some improvements with his negative symptoms.

Is your son eating alittle better?

My son has the opposite problem. He likes to eat.

Thats great at least he is getting out of the house , my son loves his car too , he had a flat tire for weeks and finally today he allowed me to make an appointment for him at Tire kingdom and he drove carefully there ( a few minutes away ) and let them change his tire and check his car overall . He still has problems with his food , he never used to , he ate so much prior and put on weight due to meds then started this strange delusion about what he can or can’t eat . I believe he is eating a little better as i send money to his account a few times a day when he says Mum i need food ,for example ,’’ i need to eat an açai bowl now as its good for me’’ , he is impulsive and when he feels he needs to eat certain foods he needs it immediately .When i feel he is having a good day i feel so good and when i feel he is not doing well my heart sinks and i feel pain as if im grieving and i cry alone as my husband doesn’t understand and my family live far … i didn’t know too much about schizophrenia and how much hurt and stress comes with it , its still so new for me even though its been almost 3 years now . I don’t sleep well and its a constant worry .