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Thank you caregivers!

Went to the Dr. last week and he told me that i have a more lively affect because i just live my life. I would just like to thank the people close to me for making me feel sane and still giving me a role in the family,friendships,etc, and making it possible to do most of the things i did before i got sick. As well as include me in the fun. :smile:

That gives me hope. Thank you for posting. I am hoping one day, my baby girl will also see things positively and I’ll have her back one day. :smile:

**thanks for posting this! I`m glad for you! :ok_woman: **

Being a caregiver for a sz can be demanding under the best of circumstances. When a sz isn’t stable, or isn’t on med’s, being a caregiver can be incredibly tough. We sz’s owe all our caregivers our gratitude and thanks.