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Side effects from anti-psychotics

My son has been experiencing severe daily side effects from anti-psychotic meds.

Panic attacks and rushes in his head.

This just started happening last 6 months or so

and have strongly increased to daily.

His MD said she’d reduce the dose
and there was nothing else she could do.

He will not give permission for me to contact his M.D.

He has sought 2nd opinions to no avail.

I am do sad that he struggles alone with SZ.

Any advise/perspectives would be welcome.

NAMI doesn’t help.

from Vermont

Hi VermontWoman1,

While I have not had this issue with my husband, as he was weaning himself off medication when we met, I have had a friend with a similar issue. Sometimes the medication is too much. Is there any way for you to write or help your son write a note to the doctor with specific information about the side effects he is experiencing? That may help the doctor be able to decide how much to reduce the dose or if the medicine needs to be changed entirely. He needs to be able to let the doctor know exactly what is happening. There are different options and varying dosages. Perhaps a totally different medication instead would help him. Otherwise, if it is bad enough, can he go to a hospital to have a blood test for medication levels?

I hope your son is able to get his medication adjusted properly. Some times a person can find just the right match, other times they need to be adjusted. Wishing you and your family the best!


Benadryl should be helpful
It’s an anticholonergic
Which helps with akathasia
Will help with the terror that akathasia brings
Good luck!

I personally find that Benadryl works the best
But you can also use Gaba cbd and and chamomile tea as support
And skull cap and valerian root tincture for when it gets bad to help with the panic attack to calm him down before you give him Benadryl…
Just speculation from my current situation

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Hi, I’m sorry your son is not feeling well.

Do you know which med is causing the side effect?

Does he have other prescriptions?

Wise words.

Thanks for your response.

He has never let me in on what meds he takes.

He won’t allow me to talk with his C.W. or M.D.

He struggles with paranoid SZ alone.

Recently I have insisted that he keep after his doctor about getting help.

He was told there is nothing that can be done for the side effects.

Thanks to all at this site so much for your input.

I really helps!

Thanks for your input.

It helps a lot!

Will try your suggestions.

Benadryl helps a lot for side effects of antipsychotics…
You can find that in any store .

As far as I know, panic attacks are not a side effect of antipsychotics. Uncontrolled panic attacks are a symptom of schizophrenia. It’s more likely that his illness is not under control if he’s having panic attacks. If that’s the case he may need to up the doses instead of the other way around.


Merci beaucoup for your reply.

His M.D. wants to reduce dosage.

I have no say in his care.

Have requested permission several times

but he has denied.

Gteetings from frosty Vermont

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You’re wrong completely
Panic attacks are side effects !
Are you kidding me?!

Funny thing is that many meds can occasionally have side effects in more severe cases the same as what they are supposed to remedy…


@Windyhill63, so true! I have found this with my son. Sometimes the side effects from meds appear the same as symptoms BEFORE meds, and sometimes more severe.


Have you tried WRAP located in Brattleboro… Peer supported group that started in Bratt and is nationwide now. We have told our daughter from day one we have to have permission to talk to her providers or we cannot help… That is t he bar we had to set for ourselves… so far so good… She’s just turning 37

Looking for advice on Clozapine… We’re in western MA, also very frosty, and 37 y.o. daughter moved back here 1.5 yrs ago from Louisville, KY. She’s bright… has BSW & MSSW – never worked… Dx at 18 with Bipolar 1 with psychosis… many hospitalizations, assaults… now on lithium & Invega Sustenna shot… as of 3 yrs ago… has put on 100 lbs and still eating… Long story short just found new dr in Boston-- McLean & Brighams… just evaluated… going back next week… have a feeling they will be recommending clozapine… I read the side effects and sounds the same as what she has… She can’t read – no motivation etc… so don’t see how the clozapine is different… Anyone have any experience with it… I do know a young man doing very well on it – no weight gain, he goes to the Y and watches it… very motivated-- does quite a bit…thoughts? Thanks

Since you aren’t allowed to speak with his doctor, maybe you can convince him to at least look into a different approach with some suggestions I’ve seen here such as cbd. You can research some of these and learn how they might benefit him.

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Have you had a chance to insert Clozapine into the search area at the top of the forum? I know there is at least one thread dedicated to Clozapine.

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I have never spoken directly to my daughter’s doctors. She won’t allow it, nor can I beat the HIPPA laws. However, I am very vocal by fax to the doctors/nurses when my daughter is being treated. I follow up with phone calls to the receptionists or nurses to make sure the faxes were received. Sometimes I send the same fax more than once, just to be sure it was forwarded to the doctors. The HIPPA law prevents them from acknowledging me in most circumstances, however, I DO know that the information I provide goes into her files.

I’m positive this is why she was put back on the medicine that worked for her once in the past, this recent hospitalization. I was very vocal that it worked in 2017.

NAMI actually teaches that you can communicate TO the medical team, even if they CAN’T communicate back to you. From some conversations with the nurses, I believe they really LIKE to hear from the family and don’t like the restrictions of the privacy laws for patients who don’t know they are psychotic.


oldladyblue -

I know you responded to the federal request asking the public to give their thoughts regarding HIPAA. I did too and hope many here on this site took the time to convey their thoughts to the federal govt.

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