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Situation Getting Too Unbearable

My mother has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia for about 15 years now, however, she hasn’t been getting a proper treatment for it due to several reasons. Last year my family consulted her doctor and got her medication changed since the medication she had been taking for 14 years wasn’t working. The new medication worked well for a while, since she stopped becoming angry and violent and her hallucinations seemed to stop, however, she is beginning to get hallucinations again and often looses her temper.

She doesn’t go for any therapy since she believes she doesn’t have any illness. We cannot convince her to go for them since she doesn’t trust us. The only people she completely trusts is her maternal family however, they themselves live in denial as they cannot accept that their daughter has schizophrenia. They severed ties with us and refused to help us. Moreover, they talk with my mother on the phone everyday and encourage her delusions. Furthermore, we recently discovered that my grandfather also get delusions, although he never consulted a doctor. This makes matters worse since he encourages his own delusions on my mom. (he said that my brother was trying to kill him when in reality my brother was on his knees, crying and practically begging him to help us get mom better treatment)

I encouraged my brother to consult just one more doctor before loosing hope and he contacted a very well known clinical psychologist in the city, however her response was that my brother is too obsessed with my mother’s illness and should focus on other things.

Everywhere we turn to seek help seems to backfire and it is starting to get unbearable. She is getting more and more hallucinations and delusions everyday. My family has been in distress due to it for years now. I live away from my family due to my college therefore I manage to breakthrough my depressed and my mental health improved however, my father and brother are still in distress and have lost all hope of any improvement.

The only way which seems to help is to send my mother to a mental health care facility however, there are not many good facilities available around my city and Moreover, my mother is too dependent on us. Sending her away would be too much for her to handle. My brother and I have tried studying psychology ourselves through online courses, as a subject in highschool and gain knowledge through the book "surviving schizophrenia"and tried many methods to help her get better and some seemed to work for a few days but it is being obvious that my family cannot handle this alone anymore.

We don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone has a solution to recommend I’d be more than happy to hear it.

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IMO a psychologist is a total waist of time and money, all the SZ needs is pills. Cant talk your way out of SZ… psychiatrist is required…

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