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Slipping medication in with food

When my daughter had her episodes and refused medical help, I often thought: " I wish I could slip her medication in her food or tea", but I wouldn’t dare as I didn’t want to add to her paranoia.
Did anyone ever try to slip in the prescription with food or drinks?

Yes I did. It was a mistake. Even though you could get some temporary relief from her symptoms, in the long term it breaks down the trust between you and her which is absolutely essential. It is better to get a court ordered treatment if she refuses medication and is a danger to herself or others (here in Australia we have found that to be quite flexible if you can get the right caseworker). Then you, as her parent, can be the ‘good guy’ and continue to help her. After my son found out I was sneaking him his medication it took several years to get his trust back. Eventually I promised him I would never lie to him but that he might not like what I say or do. It worked.


Thank you for sharing.
Now for sure I wouldn’t.

I did that with my sz husband. It was ok with his psychiatrist-he has violent tendencies when he’s off his meds. He refused to stay on the meds at the time and I was so scared. I did it for 2 years-felt awful doing it but alternately relieved that I could still be with him and take care of him (he’s blind-very dependent on me). We had good times, but I came to realize it wasn’t fair to him or helping him. So I stopped, eventually had to call the police and have him involuntarily committed because he got violent towards me, he got on meds, got stable and knows for now that he needs the meds. Its called tough love-so hard for me to do it to him, but it was the best thing for him. I wish I had done it 2 years ago. So, yes, don’t go that way-its just putting off the right thing to do.


Hi there, I also have been thinking slipping meds in food as a last solution for my husband although our trust has been already damaged and I don’t want to risk it further. I am searching for other alternatives. Thanks for sharing…

I have never done it, i was afraid to get caught. If they get a feeling that we are doing something to them behind their back, the paranoias might multiply.

Now, looking back, i feel the court order and involuntary hospitalization was the right course of action and now after my daughter got better, i am slowly trying to work on trust and honesty. (Although it is not easy to bring some points across)