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Some Kindness Does Exist

My son had his first eye doc appointment today in about 8 years. He needed an exam & new glasses so badly. The last time he went for an eye exam was before he got sick.

He had to fill out some forms because he was considered a new patient. Where it asked for medical conditions and medications taken, he indicated sz and Zyprexa. I was leery about him revealing this, but he said “mom, what if my meds somehow affects the prescription for my glasses?” So yes, he was right to be truthful.

Long story short, his eye doctor was amazing. Knowing my son had sz, he could have been stand-offish, he could have been cold, he could have rushed thru the exam just to get it over with and get him out quickly. My experience has been a lot of people are uncomfortable, even with just the word “sz”.

He did the opposite. He engaged my son in conversation during the exam, and at some point, even had him cracking a smile. But he didn’t overdo it, so it didn’t come off as pity. He did it just right.

There I was in the exam room, with the lights out, crying my eyes out. Why is it that whenever someone shows kindness or empathy towards my son, I cry… I guess the tears stem from some sadness as well as a sense of realization of alittle bit of hope in humanity when I run across people like this.

My son could not understand why I was crying. I’m sure the doctor did.


We all go to the same dentist office and at the beginning of the visit they ask if there was any change in health or new meds… we had our dentist appointments yesterday, but I don’t know if my daughter said anything about her illness or not… but everyone there is so wonderful so I think if she said anything they would respond with kindness… I would hope so, at least… I might ask my daughter if she said anything…

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I’ve noticed people sometimes do respond with kindness, but sometimes it doesn’t feel genuine to me. I feel like sometimes it’s overkill, and to me, that’s just as bad as them just being “real” about it. Like I said, my intuition and perception are always on high alert now, ever since my son got sick, and yes perhaps even overly sensitive, so I try to always protect him.

It sounds like you have an office full of kind caring people. That is wonderful. I still say that there are many more of us dealing with something like this than what’s lead to believe. I sometimes wish they had certain towns or communities only for people with MI, with doctors, grocery stores, malls etc designated just for the MI and their families. I’d move there in a heartbeat. Just imagining seeing my neighbors everyday and knowing they’re in the same place I am, and everyone just helping each other…

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