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Schizophrenia or bad manners?

Are schizophrenics all sweet or are they all just diverse.?
Do schizophrenics have the potential for compassion?
This is important …
Cultivating compassion can be a huge treatment for schizophrenia
What do you think?

Schizophrenia is just a medical condition. A complicated one, but still just a condition.
A person could be diabetic and a jerk.
A person can also be Schizophrenic and thoughtful.


I agree!
I find people like to bunch these together.
So I thought I’d make a post about it and see what others reply.
Could be a very helpful discussion I feel like

I think the reality is that anyone is a single decision away from being a destructive force.
Whether it’s being childish, contrary, or physically violent.
Everyone has the capacity to do harm.
In the same way, everyone has the option to do good and to help others, even if only to a small degree sometimes.
For people with Schizophrenia, it’s a lot harder to be thoughtful and caring when there are extreme symptoms occuring. More often than not, those symptoms have little or no direct outward signs.
That’s what makes it hard to draw a line between someone with Schizophrenia who is intentionally being a jerk and someone who is suffering.


Very powerful response!
Thank you!

While my daughter was in the hospital she was able to encourage others and showed kindness to the other patients there. There were other times when she has been manipulating and angry and arguing all the time. So it can even vary from time to time for each person


That’s very true , sad thing is my son seems to take out all his anger and rage on me and can become very rude to me then in the next few hours he would say something like , 'mum I’m hungry , can you please buy me some food , i love you mum ’ and i’m left speechless after listening to him cursing me 2 hours before .