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Son committed today


Well it happened today. My son had to have an emergency commitment. God, it sucked! I know he needs the help and cannot see that for himself. It just hurt so bad to see him handcuffed knowing that I had made the call. I refused to give him his car keys because his symptoms are increasing and he is refusing medical intervention. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t give him his keys so naturally I had to call the police. Feeling really sad!


I was forced to go to hospital and it saved my life. It sounds like everything turned out OK there.


Thank you! I feel guilty about it but I know it is what he needs right now. It is good to hear from someone whose been there that it is a positive thing.


You did what you had to do. Good luck to both of you,


you did the right thing ! He may lash out at you while he’s in the hospital but he should be thanking you before it’s all said and done. Hopefully he’ll stabilize and get back to being there for you. I am so happy you did what you did.


I know what you mean - its so hard to do. All you can do is hope that its helping move him along towards a better life.


my second commitment I was told I could go voluntary or by force. I went peaceful, at first I blamed everyone for being there but with meds and some time to think about what brought me there I realized that place saved me. ( on a lighter side the food was gross)


Yeah, I got really excited one time (it was a crisis center so I guess like a mini hospital? I don’t know. We didn’t really have any therapy. We just watched tv waiting for stuff to happen, like group during which we all sang Eminem songs to each other. I shit you not.) any ways I saw pie. I thought I saw pumpkin pie in particular and I got really excited till about bite three when I was forced to admit it tasted way off and I asked the guy next to me and he said it was sweet potato pie.

We got a lot of juice at the crisis center too. You could pick between grape and a few others. It was mainly just boring. I went in because I got so hopeless that I figured that’s where I’d be going anyways at some point so I decided to check it out.

@TAG ^that is pretty much the entirety of my stay. There were a couple of creepy dudes there but I was the only one who seemed to find them creepy, but I was the only girl. Boredom, rap battles, and juice. That’s what crisis centers are made of.


If you need help stiffening your spine for his benefit…


In yesterdays, I had many involuntary commitments. Now, I’m Okay.

I thought the food in the state hospitals was pretty bad, by the way.



it was right to get him sectioned He needs good anti psychotic to help him


by the way ive been sectioned 4 times. * never held it against my parents. They had to do what they ahd to do*


My son was detained four months ago. He was psychotic for a couple of weeks first, and not consistent in med use for 2 years prior. I cooperated with his support worker to get him sectioned away from his home (so he wouldn’t be too humiliated to return on release). He agreed to depot injections, then was released after 12 days. I stayed at his place with him for 3 months, basically because I wanted to help him settle back in and recover (psychosis is pretty disorienting) and I wanted to apply pressure on him to stay on the depot shots for three months, as I felt that by the end the improvement would be so significant he wouldn’t be able to deny it. That did happen. Then I went away. He delayed his next shot for a week, but did take it. I am back with him for a week, and I can say that he is the most rational, motivated and active I have seen him in about ten years.
He has never at any point go angry with me about having him sectioned. I told him the part I played after he had been in hospital for a week. By that stage, the APs were working and he understood fine why he was there.


You are very perceptive notmoses😏


I know how you feel. I’ve had to do the same at least 6 times over the past 10 years. He hates me for it, but sometimes they leave you no other choice. Good luck to you,


I am.sorry prayer your way.


Update…hearing held today and they agreed to continue his inpatient treatment. He is taking a low dose of Risperdal. I went to visit over the weekend and have spoken to the staff there a few times. Hoping this is the beginning of his recovery.


Thank you for updating us.

I am hopeful for you and your son. Maybe this will be a foundation for recovery.


I was on this site…about 5 years ago!! My son started feeling better! Well here I am again :confused: And I am wondering if you are the same Jayster from years ago?


I just want to put another two cents in and say that in my experience, if you are in such bad shape mentally that you need to be put in a hospital than you are usually not going to have a good time. When I was inside, there were a a few mean people who caused trouble and instigated disharmony but you just have to avoid those people. I mean a couple of hospitals I was in were nice. They were clean, the food was good, they helped everybody meditate and there were art classes and nice back yards with luscious grass and volley ball courts.

If I wasn’t sick than those places would be like a vacation. But no one goes in one of those places when they are feeling well, right? So even though some people enjoy the hospitals, I find that the majority of the time they are places you don’t want be.

But in the year 2016 these are still the places to put people who are in distress. Maybe they will come up with something altogether new different and groundbreaking that helps people with mental illness better but for now, we’ve got to use what we got and that is hospitals. I hate to contradict my self but hospitals are not all a 100% bad. There’s stuff going on inside that isn’t that bad.

Heck, for two weeks in 1989 in Stanford psyche ward I got to sharpen my volleyball skills every day when a gang of us would play in the backyard. There were people my own age inside who were friendly and I played pool with. The counselors occasionally took 4 or five of us on outings to the nearest mall (even at night sometimes) and they treated us to coffee at the local coffee shop.

I felt cabin fever so they even let me take walks outside alone where I could walk around in a big circle around the ward. There were a few nice nurses who you could talk to.

But yeah, if you’re lucky enough to get a nice hospital than they aren’t all a 100% bad. I had my own stupid saying when I was in the nice hospitals 6 or 7 times. I called it: “Suffering in the middle of paradise”. Because that is what you are doing. Hey, if you have to suffer it’s better to suffer in comfortable surroundings rather than suffering with mental problems in a refugee camp in Darfour. Or suffering with mental illness in some war torn country in the Middle East or some drought stricken country in Africa. Now bad hospitals are a whole other story.
We have to count our blessings. I guess I’m rambling and I don’t know if any of this helps. This isn’t going to make your son magically better but it’s just some thoughts of mine.