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Specific Suicide Risk Profiles with Schizophrenia

Everyone should be aware of the suicide risk profiles and do what you can to help avoid this outcome - e.g. removing weapons, poisons, etc. from the home


Bad thing is, the police consider even butter knives and screwdrivers to be weapons. Damed if you do and damned if you don’t … :palm_tree:

I’ll mention after losing a friend in my prodrome to suicide, that the periods after release from psychiatric care may be particularly vulnerable, because inexperienced caregivers are not as equipped and aware to take precautions as mental facilities. This coupled with the former patient’s potential growing awareness of their situation and the stigma and pain of their condition through treatment, may present opportunities for self harm in the relative freedom of the outside.

In my friend’s case, he was on an overnight furlough from his first hospitalization. He was discovered in the morning after a graphic ending. It’s hard not to assume his motive was in part retribution to his caregivers and society in general for a perceived indignity of his hospitalization, although it’s impossible to fathom the causes or depths of his despair. Likewise it’s impossible to foresee all possible outcomes, so caregivers need not compound their grief by blaming themselves, although that’s much easier said than done.